I have with me the competitor of God

Being good is enough; it’s time to be bad

It is the demon-substitute on earth

Revenge is my reply to heal my hurt

Anger roles my tongue and dismal face

It backfires in the blood of my human race

Tomorrow will be my red-letter day

I will get the payback and surely be gay

I will slit your throat and break you into pieces

You will suffer and there will be no forgiveness

I will never take my revenge for granted

I am only human whose kindness is limited

I know my plan is between the devil and deep blue sea

But now, I will cancel my anger because I am so busy

Just look fearfully at my eyebrows forming a sharp triangle

Suddenly, there appears a man with wings like an angel

I have a soft spot in my heart…

so forgiveness….. consider it done!

Oh! My anger….. I am actually not having fun!





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