advocate art…..





ART is not to shine from a damnable vain-gloriousness and for the satisfaction of human vanity but just to EXPRESS. It is not also to express to people but also to express yourself to yourself…. Thus, ART has benefits…..


10 Benefits in EMBRACING ART in Life

  1. It elevates us beyond the mundane and encourages us to search for more adventures in life.
  2. We escape the shadow of predictability which is monotonous and familiar. Once in a while, it’s good to have thrills and surprises.
  3. It gives vitality and sense of playfulness and makes us excited everyday.
  4. It serves as a powerful source of nourishment to live our life more happily and fruitfully.
  5. It challenges our creativity and creativity gives joy and joy puts meaning in our life.
  6. It keeps the child in us and having the child in us unfolds magic, awe and wonder in life.
  7. It drives and motivates us to achieve what we want in life.
  8. It helps us grow because we improve our hidden talents

and skills.

  1. It directs us to new points and angles of life.
  2. It helps us to get in touch and get to know ourselves more.


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