As Merriam Webster defines the word “feminism” as the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of both sexes on behalf of women’s rights, privileges and interests. While this maybe true, then women have freedom to be what they could be and could not be. They are entitled to be both a YIN and YANG in their own context.







High school seems like just yesterday wherein I terribly miss my good old friends. Truth be told, some things will never go back to how they used to be. High school reunion is a not-to-be-missed and redefining moment of one’s life. It’s almost like you’re reintroducing yourself because with passing time, we have changed and have grown. It is so interesting to see the different paths everyone took after getting one’s high school diploma.  Fraught with awkward pressure to prove one’s worth after a couple of decades, reunion should not be about “who has and who is” moment…. It is not about who is rich, successful, famous, powerful and all those note-worthy we attached to positions in the society. It speaks the superficiality of this idiosyncratic world. Thus, what I would like to know is how we reconcile our emotionally-charged raging hormones, how we lessen our tantrums, how we overcome our insecurities and how we fill up our hang-ups in our 20-year span after sweet sixteen.

What kind of audience are you…..???


I cannot understand people who have false sense of happiness they get from criticizing people, sizing up people and destroying others. It is a mask of vindication which has no audience—- or if they have an audience, what kind of audience are they?





m strong

Being mentally strong means you are attuned to the interconnectedness of everything and have a sound judgment on anything….. and have fine conviction on something…. Best of all, you don’t hold facts in such high regards but believe instead that there a great number of unknowns in the world because there are no absolute truths…. So this is our challenge…. to be mentally-strong despite the frailties of our mind and the gravity of temptation our society lurks both inside and outside in us…..


mstrong 2

talk the TALK….


When I am offended/insulted, I train my mind to believe that they are hurting me not because I am who I am but because they are them. I ought to discern how meritorious their pronouncements and analyse the kind of talker and type of thinker they are…… In psychoanalytic viewpoint, those people are not nice because they are probably wounded…..   So this is my overriding principle, “how can I talk the talk?”


don’t waste time being offended….

images (2)

When I am offended, I  train my mind to believe that they are hurting me not because      I am who I am but because they are them….     images               In psychoanalytic viewpoint,                       images (3)                those people are not nice because they are probably wounded….

love’s kiss……

Acceptance is love’s stare….

Let us treat the way they are. Let us accept them without questions about the physical traits, possessions and accomplishments they have. Let us affirm their uniqueness and give them freedom to be themselves…. Let us tell, “it’s okay to be yourself.”

Openness is love’s smile….

Let us open our heart what possibilities love can take us. Let us learn how to communicate not only our deepest thoughts and insights but also our deepest feelings and emotions. Let us be a good sounding board to them and let our listening ear get inside their hearts. Let us determinedly stay in touch and share our life with them.

Respect is love’s touch….

What has meaning for them has meaning for us too. What is important to them is important to us too. What they keep special, we keep special too. What makes them happy makes us happy too. Let us respect them as much as limitations are set in bound.

Patience is love’s caress….

Let us be patient. Let us love them as much as we can do. Sometimes, we get hurt if we know better the persons we hold so dear. But tolerance and patience can heal that hurt. Let us love them like we’ve never been hurt. Let us persevere to accept their flaws and cracks and get them to change their life into better.



Faith is love’s embrace….

Let us place upon our breasts the love we have for them. Let us nourish our steadfastness through believing in what they do. The faith we entrusted to them will prevail and our oneness will spread through a lifetime. Let our faith in them makes the invisible visible, the intangible tangible and the impossible possible.

Sacrifice is love’s kiss….

                Let us be willing to lose the part of ourselves inspite of our human nature to love ourselves too much. Giving the part of ourself is a sacrifice. Let us believe that true love can outweigh and overtake the pain of loving. It has the power to surpass the sacrifices we endure because love is all that counts.


Love’s imprint is goodness….

Let us have nothing intention but goodness. Loving them costs too much goodness. Let us seek their good qualities and bring out the best in them. Let us always appreciate, compliment and congratulate…. whatever tasks they do. To criticize if need be… let us, but let us criticize with love. Let us love them in a constructive way so they may be able to see the purity and deepest joy of being loved.

Love’s character is felicity….

Let us talk to them in tranquility and serenity. Let us offer as much as possible our warmth and affection. Through this, they feel the comfort of our presence. Let us be present when they need a helping hand and crying shoulder. Let us be at their side anytime and anywhere to feel our breath of love.

Let us explore inside our heart to investigate the unseen, unheard and unspoken.






True love is always against hate….




Let us engulf our inability to hate. Hatred has nothing to do with true love. It is something an excess baggage that should be thrown-up. True love does not know about badness’ gate. It is down-to-earth when it comes to negative feelings. Let us extend our understanding and forgiveness to make love lasts.

True love is never doing it late….

Let us not put our affection in a future schedule. Let us love them right now, at the moment. For as long as we live, we can afford to spend our time and exert our effort for them. There is a definite time to love them and it is now. Let us love them with no strings attached and no condition of time. Let us lay our responsibility and commitment without holding back.

True love is unto infinite date….

Let our love won’t change inspite of shortcomings and unfavorable circumstances. These crises have the capacity to shift our height of passion to continue loving them.

                Our love is like a candle…. a candle will continue burning as long as it lives. Let us say, “there was no other person before my beloved and there won’t be any other person after him/her.” Cognizant of the fact that this statement sound so idealistic and poetic, true love can be unstoppable. It is when we die, someone will hold our hands firmly until our last breath….








It is stronger than imperfections, stronger than flaws and stronger than weaknesses. It can go beyond the limits placed upon loving because it is changeless and endless. Let our love for them have its chain reaction and go on forever and ever.

Treasure of the Human Spirit……


What I have drawn a couple of years ago eloquently say that I am not materially rich. Fortune, fame and power….. I have NOTHING….. but I firmly believe that If I have nothing, then I have everything because I have the freedom to do anything without the fear of losing something.”

Materialism can be the root of damnations.  It would be hypocrital to say that wealth, power and fame are not notable but the sad truth is… when it’s our time, what we can only acquire is six feet below the ground.  We cannot bring them to heaven.  Do we create something out of nothing or do we create nothing out of something just for material values?  Material values are lying to tell the truth about damnation.

Simplicity comes at a very low prize than fortune, power and fame. I vouch for the fact that the least happy persons are the ones who believe that fortune, power and fame can satisfy one’s life. There are people who are wealthy, powerful and famous, yet they feel empty and deprived of something that they cannot identify. SO WHAT IS THE TREASURE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT……?





I have with me the competitor of God

Being good is enough; it’s time to be bad

It is the demon-substitute on earth

Revenge is my reply to heal my hurt

Anger roles my tongue and dismal face

It backfires in the blood of my human race

Tomorrow will be my red-letter day

I will get the payback and surely be gay

I will slit your throat and break you into pieces

You will suffer and there will be no forgiveness

I will never take my revenge for granted

I am only human whose kindness is limited

I know my plan is between the devil and deep blue sea

But now, I will cancel my anger because I am so busy

Just look fearfully at my eyebrows forming a sharp triangle

Suddenly, there appears a man with wings like an angel

I have a soft spot in my heart…

so forgiveness….. consider it done!

Oh! My anger….. I am actually not having fun!