let bygones be bygones….


Recipe For Healing A Hurt
Self-knowledge Resilience
Self- control Prudence Hope Honesty
Wisdom Responsibility Love Strength
Counsel Patience Faith Humility Forgiveness

Oils and candles
Pen and paper
Canvas and watercolor
Compact disc and video compact disc
Books and Bible

1. Light up the aromatherapy candles and oils for self-knowledge, self-control and wisdom.
2. Drain all those negative emotions by letting them down for counsel, humility and prudence.
3. Paint something beautiful to add honesty, responsibility and strength.
4. Spice up those unresolved conflicts by watching movie or listening to music for patience, resilience and hope.
5. Put a flavor with the essence of inspirational books or bible for forgiveness, faith and love.
Mix them all together, wait until times are better and see what happens… By and large, all of them can help in one way or another.
Ideally, romantic affairs and marriage should be the unsinkable ship where it is ready to explore the oceans of love. Break-ups such as divorce, annulment and legal separation… are they the betrayal of marriage vow? Can they end conflicts? What are those pledge and promises for? Is it “till break-ups do us part?” or till death do us part?
Some broken heart people stop loving so they won’t be hurt again. They are cautious and hesitant to welcome another person to enter their lives. They close their hearts to never expose the vulnerabilities and hurts that’s in there. They close their hearts for what seems like eternity falling in love again. I put myself into their shoes and I understand their dilemma.
I pray that they can move on and find love again. I salute people who don’t give up on love and start all over again. I admire that they continue to love again despite the predicaments. It’s very risky to open our hearts again because once we open it, anyone could come in – and that anyone could blind, cheat, sabotage and hurt us.
Many people say that when we love, we must expect and prepare to be hurt. Well, I say, we can never get through with life without getting hurt. Does loving someone should cause us pain? Does love means, “I love you in spite of the pain of loving you” or “I love you because of the happiness you bring?”



Do we really value our human sexuality, that is, the fact of being male or female? Do we have responsible expression of our human sexuality? Sex and sexuality are somewhat of an oxymoron. They have open-secret agreement and unseen sight connection. Why some people abuse the gift of sexuality?
Here are the examples on how people abuse the gift of sexuality. This is a point of view of a Christian Roman Catholic within the dogma of our religious beliefs.
It is said that when we commit a sin everytime we have sexual fantasy or lust after a man or woman. If so, we as a sexual being at low or higher degree already commit a sin. Sexual fantasy becomes a capital sins (lust) when we become obsessed with sexual thoughts or desire and when our whole life is preoccupied with sexual fantasy all the time. Remember the movie “American Beauty?” Lester makes contact with Angela through his illusory nature having fantasy within fantasy about her. Looking at Angela as a beautiful and lovely young lady is a natural attraction for every man like Lester but looking at her lustfully- striping off her clothes is another.
Think it over; when, we’re around with the one who holds the knife, we shouldn’t act like a pig. Lester is a man and Angela seems like a beautiful pig being his sexual prey. In connection with it, too much masturbation also abuses our gift. When we stimulate, flirt and have sex with ourselves and neglect our major concerns, then we spoil this gift. It also manifests that we have no control and we ignore the preservation of sexual activity with another person.
Cyber sex, bold movies and pornography are usually visually explicit materials that promote Satan’s works. Those human bodies and genitals in display is a hottest commodity nowadays which spoils chastity and decency. They are evil attendants to lure us and distort our view of sexuality…..reducing persons to sex objects. Hence, they abuse the gift of human sexuality. People who provided this type of materials, as well as who acted in XXX films and posed in porn magazine should not tell that it is for art’s sake. That’s so capricious. It is for human’s sake. We should not turn to profit selling materials that reflect the exploitation of our sexuality.
Prostitution and indecent proposal also abused the gift of human sexuality. How about men? How can they get what they want when sex is what they want? They use sex to narcotize their tensions and anxieties. They want sex especially when they are in tough-rough days. They want to escape from something and they become sexaholic.
Remember, Paris the Prince of Troy? He chose his body, the instrument for pleasure and the most beautiful mortal woman over power and wisdom. He was not motivated by power and wisdom, but was ennobled by bodily pleasure. Women abuse their body to satisfy their shopaholism and men abuse their body to satisfy their sexaholism.

They dehumanize people by succumbing to animal appetite. These forms of casual and spontaneous sex really abuse the gift of human sexuality. Another offense is too much sex drive….. leading to irresponsible parenthood or abortion. Some people just to satisfy their sexual urge, in any and every form resort to prostitution (adlib sex or sex for sale). Their too much sexual drive drives them to be self absorbed. When new life begins, easy abortion becomes the option to get done away from the responsibility.
Our body produces a number of chemicals when we are in love. Our sexual currents are mercurial and intense as if we want to suck face of random who. We enter a state of pseudo-intimacy when we feel we are in love. Two people who fell in love with one another often fall into bed. Is it the right way to value the gift of sexuality? They have had sexual intercourse before marriage. They engage in it without the thought of responsible parenthood. Premarital sex is lesser evil than promiscuity (multiple sexual partners) if love is the reason. Does promiscuity help us in finding our true partner? Is promiscuity healthy and capable of great love? It is also associated with extramarital affairs. When a married person had an affair with another married or unmarried person, chances they are not happy and satisfied with their married life?
Does it serve a good reason to have illicit affair wherein sexuality and sanctity of marriage is also abused? Infidelity or adultery also abuses this gift. Being sexually unfaithful is cheating and it hurts persons involved in relationship. When a married person has sexual liaison with another married or unmarried person, he/she does not only abuse this gift but also desecrate the sanctity of marriage.DSCF8144

literary standards????


As a discipline, literature possesses special and distinct qualities that separate it from other studies. In order to judge or critic a literary work as a masterpiece, the following criteria should be considered:
1. Universality- it appeals to everyone regardless of race, sex and time that can be considered important by every reader from east to west and from young to old.
e.g. A Thousand and One Nights, Trojan War, Iliad and Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet
2. Permanence- it endures the test of time wherein it contains timeliness and timelessness. It does not face out in the page of history and still offers the beauty of language and conserves country’s legends and folktales.
e.g. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Song of Roland, Nibelungenlied, El Cid, Beowulf
3. Spiritual Value- it elevates man’s spirituality by giving moral values and inspires him to be a better and mature individual. e.g. The Analects, The Prophet, The Rubaiyat, Divine Comedy
4. Intellectual Value- it stimulates critical and logical thinking through the basic truths of life and human nature. e.g. Don Quixote, short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Essay on Man, Of Studies
5. Suggestiveness- it stirs man’s emotional aspect through the literary devices used in prose and poetry. e.g. sonnets of Shakespeare, How Do I Love Thee, The Road Not Taken, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
6. Artistry and Style- they are marked by great ways of writing styles. They pertain to aesthetics wherein they awaken the sense of beauty of anyone who reads the literary work. e.g. poems of Emily Dickinson and e.e Cummings and plays of Shakespeare


world literature…. a gem beyond tresure

 Asia, being one of the largest continents and having diverse population, creates a literature that is multi-faceted. It has an extensive and fascinating history that encompasses essential ingredients of an excellent masterpiece. Moreso, the stories are elaborately-interwoven whether it be told in prose or verse and whether it divided itself into scenes or chapters. The haikus of Japan and the maxims of China have purity of expression and elevated language. The influence of “The Prophet” and “The Rubaiyat” from Arabian countries never disappered. India is a place of great epic which offers fascinating stories in a highly-stylized form of drama. Literature of Asia illuminates the depth and breath of Asian people which inspire nobility of spirit to million readers.

 There can be no question concerning the quality of oral and written works the African writers produce. Both prose and poetry have greatness and power to evoke fullness of emotion in the readers. African literature refers to the literature of and from Africa wherein it breathes African sentiments and struggles. It carves out a niche of its own as predominantly oral which scholars and critics coined it as “orature.” Their literature is exquisitely-written and virtually-impressive in a larger scale. Their universal theme emanates from their struggles as a nation setting us forth a distinctly African Literature. Lastly, colonial repression is the unyielding moral and ethical context of their literature.


 European Literature consists literary writings in various languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, German, Italian, Greek, Russian and the like. The several writers hold the universality of expression and they cater us too convincingly-satisfying our own literary appetite. With this, their writing style is enlivened from generation to generation and there flows splendor of literary devices that connect us with the past. There is much whimsy in their narrative techniques which are sharply-etched portraits of everyday life. These writers give us assurance that fictive people are worthwhile and worth-knowing like the character of Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Jean Valjean, Faust, Dante, Don Quixote, Roland and many others. The best thing about it is that both fiction and non-fiction are all linked up with multiple lives in an intensely-perceptive and artistic characterization.

 We can peruse the pages of history with so much amusement and lessons on North American Literature. Despite the influence of European Literature, the literature of North America especially the United States of America stands independently and flourishes widely without the shadow of European Literature. The stories are arranged within another and the readers can participate in the events and empathize with the characters upon reading those materials. We are moved to laugh and cry and feel the character’s emotions in its utmost essence like in the Scarlet Letter, A Rose for Emily, The Cask of Amontillado, The Killers, Oliver Twist, Huckleberry Finn and many others. The American writers enchant the readers by casting spell of their unbounded imagination over us. They inherit the true spirit of fascinating plot wherein it can get inside a character’s skin and sets us forth on their own terms.


The writers in South America develop a genuine creative novelty in their literary works. The plot and character proceed at a breathless pace and still delivers a delicate sensibility which is illuminated by its texts. Their works are engagingly-read which trace certain lines of manifold human experience and bring out spiritual side of man. Their literature is magnanimously-wealthy in tradition and culture that is built upon a substratum of tenderest characterization like Clara, Esteban, Balthazar, Eva and Antenor and many others. Endowed with mystic sensitiveness, theirs have own tale to tell with unsurpassing skill in dialogue. With this, everything is intimately connected with everything else that contains the magniloquent lingo of the South Americans.

 Oceanian Literature is a story of national upheaval wherein love and devotion for the vast empty land sprang from the minds of mostly Australian writers. They achieve literary success with which they turn their love for nature and country into printed materials. In some inexplicable way, their themes seem curiously flooded with nature and its beauty as well as its history. Though diversified in form and just new in literary world, the prose and verse are wonderfully-single in inspiration. Hence, it excoriates an elegant, delicate, smooth sensitivity and a time-honored device within the bounds of literary canon.

english only please? pardon my surprise….


As the demands of communication have been increasing in the past few years, the use of English language has become a ticket to international communication and globalization. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language or universal language in most countries. Its importance in the global marketplace cannot be understated for most business communication is conducted in English. The best-selling products whether it be books, films, games, music, entertainment, etc. are published and produced in English.


Most of the contents on internet are in English language allowing people an easy access to the wide variety of information our society has. To add, working in another country requires an English proficiency test. Therefore, English test plays a significant role in all aspects of society.

Female DNA

Hello in there people of the world! What’s going on? What’s in and what’s out? Wondering why I’m asking these questions? Matter- of- factly, I don’t have the seeing sight of the outside world. I am stuck here and being kept between the flawless legs of my female master. I need an outright answer why I am situated in a dark, suffocating, hot, sexy and sometimes wet place. Am I that extremely ugly that they don’t want me to be seen? (Although there are people who shamelessly reveal me.) Shame on you gals! I don’t like the way they do that because it pictures more of lust than of art. I want to be seen in an artistically-non- eccentric way…. A way that others would admire me without being green minded. I say, “I’ve got me in gear albeit I am barenaked, he! he! he!” But of course the admiration will depend on my size, shape, color, texture and even smell.
Firstly, who coined my name? I want to thank that aesthetic- oriented at the same time biologically- conscious person. What is the sensual object between your legs? Aren’t you curious why you were given such a flowering organ instead of the other one? Do you appreciate and enjoy me in your life?
I am a sheath like covering canal where many perceived me as a girl- toy image. Nope, I am an armor plated organ and a self respecting God’s creation. I am simply irresistible but deliberately chaste. I serve as the stimuli and my twin heart is the respondent and I am the prey and my twin hearts is the predator. Every month, I call for general assembly and my filthy monthly process flirts my clitoris. My so – called bleeding time is the commemoration of my menarche where my red blob of tissue is the great proof of my womanhood. The suspension of my cells in liquid tells that my hormones are functioning well. My female master wears clothes for a good aura and legally howls at the moon having a temporary lunacy due to premenstrual syndrome. She actually is eager to enroll in Anatomy 101 class to know more about my structure and genetic makeup and relate more about the ants in the skirts.
I possess an off- hand charisma which swoons many electrically- elastic male’s behind. My male counterpart finds time to exercise his dating muscle because I am the object of his affection. But it’s okay because that’s part of my femininity and feminism. We are the metaphorical representation of the birds and the bees. I feel like being chased by sperm cells and I am proud of being a judge of that survival of the fittest contest. I am above all else the example of an enjoyable and prolific life. Oopps…. That is a heavy stroke! Yes, I can be a life angel and I can carry such to- die for perception.
I am a little peevish and downtrodden sometimes because others don’t regard me as a sacred temple. I would describe myself as hoax- personified with the malicious and mischievous deception about me. Don’t you know the functions I perform in this world full of impressions and misconceptions do you? It is through me where the red precious blood flows out. It is because of me that the offspring in a mother’s womb came out to see the light.
And hey, it is through me that the emerging sexual urge of a frankfurter- like organ of copulation have found expression. Sometimes, I am deflowered by weeds. I have that genital sexuality and another batch of flirting hormones reveal that I am just a boy- material. Ejaculation…. Orgasm…. I am just a frankfurter’s haven. I am the functional unbridled biblical pleasure giver. The old established belief that I am the highest point of illusory contact within contact frustrates me. Oh! One of my worst pet peeve is my male counterpart’s excessive dose of testosterone.
It’s apparent that I am pleasurable than pleasure…. relieving than relief and I am the stellar of the stellars but I am not raised up. Some frankfurter- like organ display too much tents in the pants. They look at those perfectly shaved underarms, richly- firm cleavage, equally curvaceous hips, and amazingly- sculpted legs rather than focus on the totality of a woman. Also, I become the model for developing the touchy- feely skill…. And it really sucks to be a dick because I am not naked from the waist down.
They feed their sexual appetite to the point of demoralizing the sanctity of my sexuality. I turn out to be the prime seductress and the connotation of “I’ve got the balls” is being labeled to me. Some men drink in the beauty of my scene and produce ink in their veins. Their eyes dance with a symphony of eroticism as I become the glamour puss! Not everything goes as they breathe their longitudinal fiber against my narrow wall. I don’t exactly have the sassy-ding-a-ling label that I am the vitamin E (ecstasy) provider and I offer sexciting experience. I am definitely not men’s playthings and organic dental floss.
Okay, sex is normal or should I say, an integral part of one’s life but don’t abuse this gift. Don’t be after for the tell- tale signs of bedroom business. Men cannot contain their erection through me all the time. As the saying goes “Behind man’s success is a woman” is not identical to “The success of a man’s behind is a woman.” Don’t be in love with the image I possess…. Don’t be in love with the idea of being in seventh heaven when you interact with me. I can speak to you my vaginal phenomenon but I can’t give you my vaginal encounter. My vaginal contraction is exclusive and reserved for the mighty hunter reproductive cell. I am vagina and I am wired both to think and feel. My cellular building blocks of thinking mind and feeling heart is a symbol of God’s procreation society.
Never ever interchange procreation into recreation, it’s a shame. If that’s the case, it is full of meaning of meaningless sex. My XX chromosome component is an eggcelent beauty incarnate. My beauty is evolutionary as I drop men’s lingerie and make their mouths salivating and watery. I am a drop dead gorgeous and impressionable party animal temptress. My frolicsome nature is the cause for that wide – eyed wanderous pause for me.
Wait…. My beauty is not madness when transparency is but a fraud. I am a conventionalized feminine mystery together with my whole new dimension of guilty pleasure. As long as I am virginal and haven’t reached my female climactic period, I enjoy my eclectic driven girlishness.
I have a sort of rebirth because I am frighteningly bold and inspiringly modest. I am not terrorizing the ethical behavior is because I just show up declaiming my individuality. Truth to tell, I hired a voice therapist so that not only all eyes but also all ears on me. I even increase the decibel of my voice yet with bedroom tone so that people will feast their ears on me. Yes! I try to speak with a conversational tone and get the nerve saying these seemingly condescending statements with my freaky bent absurdist character. This inner monologue I dare share is by any standard candid without being tactless and assertive without being aggressive. But for now, I support my female master’s vow to be unexplored and unscrewed until she ties the knot. Uh…. Ah…. Ummh…. At this point, what more can be said of my feminine existence? Ssshh…. I want to give myself a beauty treat. I don’t want to go under a hymen reconstruction where my hymen is glued together to my vaginal tissue for virginity restoration. I don’t want my partner to undergo penis enlargement procedure for the erectile dysfunction prevention.


A clean organ is a sexy organ for me. As long as we are both pure, we can make a mystical experience in the right time, right place, right circumstances and right shield. As long as I am here, I self- consciously believe that I am a clean-favored God’s creation because I am still a virgin. I pray to St. Agnes, the virgin saint to fashion my female master as a sacred and chaste young lady until she gets the license of “merging cells kingdom.” Whatever! Beware…. It is high voltage!!!



If I were to say from whom I go into my authentic inner life with which at some obscure point of my being, it has been paralyzing… the reason is I don’t know who I should be….

I don’t know who I am and what ripening state of art within me

If I were to see behind those facades of what the mirroring eyes of scar-tissue of anonymous existence, I can’t define the untold cliché of the void of anonymity

I don’t know what I am and what intelligible shadow within me
If I were to hear the breathless sound of nameless disclosure that beats the theory of untroubled poignancy, nothing is around me yet, I can’t accustom and absorb my destiny

I don’t know where I should be… in a wide- open impersonal beginning or a closed-in camouflage…
I am coming out in gasps deeply

If I were to read the unwritten monograph of multiplicity, what is better… maddening duplicity or surmountable individuality? …. There never has been something in me…

I don’t know how I should act… I should be phoney or genuine… what shadow lies upon me?

I don’t know when I should listen to the authentic life… mirroring eyes…. nameless disclosure…
unwritten monograph…

The very formidable Virginie Woman is a riot in my mind
A subtle yet unmistakable provoker… and she’s one of a kind
She has something between her ears
Better off than Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears
She emulates admiration as she chills into my bones
I scream my head of and blame my raging hormones
I am somewhere between a fool and wise
Because of her, I have whistling lips and winking eyes

Am I afraid to be what I secretly envy?
To be a certified female counterpart fully?
I’m tired of being tired as a girl
I’m fashioned from oyster to a pearl
Pre-menstrual syndrome and double standard drag me down
I will be in the Hall of Shame for I wish to be Miss Handsome
Because of my beloved Virginie Woman?

Thinking about her, I am very happy
She’s pretty, intelligent, talented and great
Did I mention she is so great?
That’s why I love her!
I proclaim it one too many times
She’s a chick with an edge and substance

I can’t help but fall in love with her more
Why I love her?
Is that what I see in her?
Or what I think I see in her?
Am I really in love with Virginie Woman?
Being ambivalent as a womanly-man?


a rap song that never was….

A Rap Song That Never Was
Hey listen, I’m no David
but I’ve got gems of thoughts to feed
I’m not David Beckham who plays football
But I can have a tough ball
I’m not David Duchovny who’s a poet
But I can have a deep mind set
I don’t have the sex appeal of Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson
But I am the king of my world and I have a rap song
See, I am a family man to my very best
I strive to possess a love that’s measureless
I pray to have a healthy relationship with one another
Who would have thought a bond and love that never falter?
I hope to give my kids a moral backbone
Dignity and integrity will be the lyrics’ tone

Though hard dude, I’ll set good example
Our abode will be likened to a temple
Childrearing is the many sides of parenting
My hormones get swing, swing and swing
My dear bloke, it’s no joke the play I role
I don’t choke to unite my body and soul
I do love my wife for such and such
I do love my kids all that much
Let’s roll on the floor and slam the door
Family is a heaven-appointed endeavor
This rap song I compose is to be meant
I am human but I am still bent

A struggling parent who wants to demonstrate
A wholesome image to his kids who observe and imitate
I want to leave a happy memory lane
When my kids grow up, they are still sane
My wife’s not just my kissing buddy or sex partner
She’s my destiny, soul mate and significant other
No one wants, needs and loves her like I do
She has many positive values to live up to
Repeat Chorus
We disagree to agree in some major issues
But we still see into each other’s shoes
Our conflict is opportunity to let go and move on
We try to understand and let bygone be bygone
We live in real world and don’t collect the moon and stars
We’re in our senses to heal our hurts and scars
We always evaluate what went wrong
To make our matrimonial too strong

Like a pro-active one, we see positive in the negative
As parents, we learn and live to be that effective
Everytime we have pain and strain
We just relax and sip champagne
Our commitment carries an uncompromising will
It’s not how we feel but how we deal
We’ll make the romance keep on burning
We’ll always be singing and dancing
Sounds ideal, yes, we listen to the gospel

Our kids will never cease to say, ‘love you mom and dad’
Our family will give honor and glory to God
To spread love is the purpose of our existence
To obey the Masterful Plan is life’s essence
I really don’t know how to end this rap song I made
So here it goes, the rhyme and tune slowly fade