possibilities of all possibilities

life means what it ever meant….. it means expecting the unexpected…..

all it takes is to have a leap of faith like what the noble cat did….

no pain…. no gain….. it is a wornt out cliche…..

but it still holds true…..




sometimes, it is easier to say that you are FINE, instead of explaining all the reasons why you’re not….. for people won’t understand you if they did not experience

the same thing at the same degree….

that’s why the  greatest need of human heart is to be understood….


stages and kind of love… love undefined…..





        AND LUST  


Infatuation Love Lust
§    it is symbolized by a crooked line


§    it is symbolized by a straight line §    it is symbolized by a point
§    it strikes suddenly


§    it strikes gradually §    it strikes sinfully
§    it ends too soon §    it lasts forever §    it has an on and off duration


§    it happens any minute of day §    it happens every single moment §    it happens only at night




§    it responds to five senses


§    it responds to the wholeness or totality of the person §    it responds to the sense of sight and touch
§    flirtatious game is the greatest pleasure §    quality time is the greatest pleasure §    sex is the greatest pleasure


§    it sees the idealistic side §    it sees the realistic side §    it sees the carnal side


§    it is self-getting §    it is self-giving §    it is self-serving


§    it is inconsistent §    it is consistent §    it is predictable at night


§    it gives insanity


§    it makes us a better person


§    it gives seduction





And to top it all…



unravels puppy love

love unravels

human love

lust unravels

pig love



When is a Boy Man? When is a Girl Woman?
“Act matured, you’re old enough to be acting like a child…. You’re too young to make that kind of decision…”
These lines are no doubt a classic and an oft- repeated line. So… when is a boy a man and when is a girl a woman? These are what I have to say about that issue!

When is he a man?
On household chores
A boy does not want to be bossed around by other people. He thinks that girls are brought up to be wives and housekeepers only. He feels he becomes less of a man if he cleans the house, washes the dishes and iron clothes. A full grown man is the one who helps the household chores. He accepts that there should be fair divisions of labor at home.

Sound effeminate? Kind of not really.
On self worth
A boy’s self worth depends on how pretty his girlfriend is. He gladly parades her in front of other people. He feels that he is Don Juan de Marco clone having many pretty girlfriends. A full grown man does not depend on his self worth or how great he is to have physically attractive girlfriends. Also, he remains steadfast when rejection comes his way. He does not feel he is losing half of his life when the girl he courted turned him down. He perceives that rejection is part of the dating game and he has other viable alternatives.
On love
A boy may learn love through sex. He may make love to a body not to a person. He plays the field as if girls are human metals (no emotions).He collects and collects but does not select female species. A full grown man knows how to hold back and indulge. He knows that he is answerable for all his actions.
On temper
A boy proves his masculinity by the strength of his fists and fighting materials. He believes that he has the moves of Van Damme or Jackie Chan or Oscar dela Hoya or The Rock. A full grown man in times of conflict responds quietly and calmly. He thinks about the consequences of his actions. In facing conflicts with his girlfriend, he is still a true gentleman no matter how breathing machine gun a girl (as in grrrll) can be.

On goal
A boy dreams far and wide. He is overly goal -driven and aspires an unrealistic silver platter in life. A full grown man is a hybrid creation of a glass half full and a glass half empty person. He has ideals but is realistic enough in achieving goals in life.


When is she a woman?
On conversational topics
Girls seem to always have press conference. They are never – ending newscasters and hosts. A girl’s favorite word of mouth conversations are about popular T.V. shows or movies, hot celebrities, fashions, social media accounts, boys, gossips, etc. It is apparent that they like rumor journalism. She is also gushing over good looking guys (never mind if they have moronic level of intelligence. A full grown woman is fond of discussing about work, wedded life, social cancer, government and politics.

They are logical and critical thinkers.
On independence
A girl cannot take care of herself and carries an overly tweetum image. She needs a baby sitter or guard on duty. She is too defenseless and badly needs people to rescue her. A full grown woman is capable of protecting herself from danger. She can survive against the odds. She doesn’t have to be one of the Charlie’s Angel, Charmed Ones, Powerpuff Girls or Sydney (Alias) or Buffy herself but she is an independent,

self-sufficient and strong woman.
On love
A girl is bitten by a love bug and is literally a love sick schoolgirl. She wants total absorption and constant nearness with her boyfriend. She is this close to tattooing his name on her tummy and really paranoid with their relationship. A full grown woman is not possessive or manipulative of any kind of relationship. Her life does not revolve exclusively for her boyfriend. She is mature and broadminded to give him time and space. She lets herself to be individuals but partners in love.
On break – ups
A girl after a break – up could either not shed a molecule of tear or be drowned by her own overflowing tears. It’s normal to cry but crying an ocean of pain or having unrepressed tears is I think ironical reactions towards break – up. A full grown woman can handle emotional downpours. She moves on without thinking sweet revenge on her former boyfriend. She believes that there is someone who better deserves her love.