High school seems like just yesterday wherein I terribly miss my good old friends. Truth be told, some things will never go back to how they used to be. High school reunion is a not-to-be-missed and redefining moment of one’s life. It’s almost like you’re reintroducing yourself because with passing time, we have changed and have grown. It is so interesting to see the different paths everyone took after getting one’s high school diploma.  Fraught with awkward pressure to prove one’s worth after a couple of decades, reunion should not be about “who has and who is” moment…. It is not about who is rich, successful, famous, powerful and all those note-worthy we attached to positions in the society. It speaks the superficiality of this idiosyncratic world. Thus, what I would like to know is how we reconcile our emotionally-charged raging hormones, how we lessen our tantrums, how we overcome our insecurities and how we fill up our hang-ups in our 20-year span after sweet sixteen.

One thought on “MOMENTS OF BEING

  1. Thanks for your article. I attended only one class reunion – 10 year- I finished high school early, my family and I moved away, and I was starting college two states away while my mates were still in HS. It was weird seeing people who still lived in the same place and nothing much had happened in their lives. I decided then I’m not a person who looks back much but looks forward. I know other people love to be connected but I think it has a lot to do with who your mates were and who you are as a person and have you changed much?

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