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textbook in literatureWelcome to the written words which awaken your imagination and fill the inner recesses of your soul! This book, “World’s Literary Gems” was initially conceived for literature students because they are the main thrust, focus or the so-called center stage in the classroom who read, analyze and respond to the goals of the selection. There is an acronym that gives the value of literature. It is hoped that they can get the best from reading literatures of the world through seeing beyond in their mind and heart. Most of all, it seeks to make the whole class know each other well and appreciate their individual qualities. Thus, it aims to bring them closer to each other that makes learning world literature fun and enjoyable.




Turning Point…. What’s up with the title?

In this respect, it means the climax of the story or the decisive moment in one’s life. The author repackaged her life into 3-in-1 ranging from the age 18, 22 and 25.

It is like a trilogy wherein



and psychology

are combined in one book.

The turning point in her life is when she met poetry at 18 which in various ways filled her emotional needs. With it, problems and difficulties are redesigned in a way that is bearable. The beauty of language and its form of expression re-stated the soul-shaking value of her growing-up years in a more acceptable and dignified way.


At 22, philosophy served as another turning point which sought her to understand mystery of existence and reality. Thus, she clarified what she believed and reconciled different points of views. In a similar vein, it not just gave comfort to her unresolved issues or compensated her wishful thinking and desire but directed her into a positive way of living.


By the very definition, at 25, psychology moved her to reach the innermost core of her heart inspiring her to be a better and mature individual. It  awakened her spirit and let us in a little unknown bit of her soul. Through it, she understood herself as well as other people that may contribute to a good life and redeemed society.


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