Treasure of the Human Spirit……


What I have drawn a couple of years ago eloquently say that I am not materially rich. Fortune, fame and power….. I have NOTHING….. but I firmly believe that If I have nothing, then I have everything because I have the freedom to do anything without the fear of losing something.”

Materialism can be the root of damnations.  It would be hypocrital to say that wealth, power and fame are not notable but the sad truth is… when it’s our time, what we can only acquire is six feet below the ground.  We cannot bring them to heaven.  Do we create something out of nothing or do we create nothing out of something just for material values?  Material values are lying to tell the truth about damnation.

Simplicity comes at a very low prize than fortune, power and fame. I vouch for the fact that the least happy persons are the ones who believe that fortune, power and fame can satisfy one’s life. There are people who are wealthy, powerful and famous, yet they feel empty and deprived of something that they cannot identify. SO WHAT IS THE TREASURE OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT……?


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