scholarly articles: qualitative and quantitative analysis

img574         REVISITING THE NOBILITY OF SPIRIT AND HOPE IN THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL: ANNE FRANK Total No. of Pages :149 Text No. of Pages : 6 Author : agnes tadia Type of Document : Thesis Key Words: nobility, spirit, hope, diary Abstract Summary This study attempted to analyze the diary of Anne Frank and the values gleamed from it. It emphasized the nobility of spirit and hope amidst the war. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions: 1.What are the chronicles of events in the life of Anne Frank reflective of the following: 1.1. family relations 1.2. dispositions in life 1.3. personal experiences 1.4. decisions 1.5. sources of happiness and sorrow 1.6. impressions about war 2.What vivid impressions of Anne Frank’s experiences are recorded in her diary? 3.What conditions of the times that led her to write the diary? 4.How may the accounts from the diary inspire courage and optimism? Findings From the content analysis of the diary, the following findings emerged: 1. Chronicles of events in the life of Anne Frank reflective of the following: 1.1 Family Relations. Anne Frank was closest to her father than anyone else in the family and imitated some of his desirable traits. On the other hand, she was increasingly aware of her distant relationship with her mother and believed that her mother loved Margot more than her. She felt that her mother exhibited negative traits like being overly- critical, argumentative and remote. She and Margot have grown closer and both became attached to each other. Overall, in spite of conflicts in the family, they are tremendously close knit and had strong family relations. 1.2 Dispositions In Life. She hid against the Nazis with less fear and anxiety and showed courage when she was detained in concentration camp by being calm and serene. She diverted her state of mind and feeling into worthwhile, meaningful and prolific tasks instead of wallowing into despair and misery. Throughout hiding, she maintained cheerful disposition in life among the occupants in the Secret Annexe. 1.3 Personal Experiences. Her personal experiences shaped her personality and character both inwardly and outwardly. She felt springs of joy and excitement as well as bouts of temper and annoyance while hiding. She heard many terrible news about the barbarity of the Nazis towards Jews and secretly watched some Jews who were harassed and tortured in her hiding place. At some point, she felt guilty because she was safe in Secret Annexe at the same time depressed because at any moment they would be discovered by the Gestapo and be killed. 1.4 Decisions. She decided to keep a diary to be published after the war to pursue her dream of becoming an author. She also decided to stay hopeful despite the restlessness and depressing atmosphere she was into. Her decisions in improving herself into better by becoming less talkative, capricious, annoying, sensitive and childish and being less intimate with Peter are gleamed in her diary. The decisions she made reflected that she has incomparable introspection and amazing self-awareness. 1.5 Sources of Happiness and Sorrow. She found an audience for her buried thoughts and feelings in her diary and her dream to be a writer or journalist made her happy for the time- being. Romance knocked the heart of Anne when Peter Van Daan came into her life bringing unparalleled happiness. Hiding in an unsanitary, quiet and inconvenient place with eight different people for almost 25 months with constant upheaval and danger and being left behind in her studies pained her so much. Another source of her sorrow is the passage of her growing up years wherein physical, emotional and psychological changes took a big toll on her. 1.6 Impressions About War. She strove to be happy by thinking positive thoughts and envisioning her future despite the threat of war. She anticipated the liberations of the Jews and believed that they would have dignity again as people. She never doubted that she would survive after the war and was excited over what she would do to achieve her goals. She believed that despite of death and chaos, peace would reign again because of man’s innate goodness of heart. 2. Recorded Vivid Expressions of Anne Frank’s Experiences The family relations, growing up problems, romance, conviction on war and politics, daily routine of the occupants in the Secret Annexe, conflicts with family members as well as her hope for liberation and ambitions in life are the vivid impressions recorded in her diary. Thus, they helped her navigate her inner self and formed her personality and point of view in life. 3. Conditions of Times That Led Her Write The Diary Holocaust is considered as the greatest tragedy of the 20th century wherein the Frank family was forced to hide from the Germans. The European Jews were segregated from the Germans, banned from different places, forced to work endlessly and all those revealing torture and harassment were done against them. The Second World War is on the rise while she lived and Anti-Semitism Nazism led her to record what is happening within and around her. Hence, the social, cultural and political factors reflected the theme or message of an author’s work and its mood and tone have relevance to what the society goes through that time. 4. Accounts From The Diary That May Inspire Courage and Optimism The accounts from the diary of Anne Frank leave behind a message addressed to the young people that may inspire them to face life with greater courage and optimism. It professes that she may be a good role model or inspiration because she exhibited maturity beyond her age and showed nobility of spirit and hope despite of unfavorable circumstances confronting her. Conclusions: Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1.The most significant events in the life of Anne Frank are brought by the strong family relations which cultivated her sound and positive disposition in life. 2.The intense longing for independence and anticipation of becoming a woman-writer-journalist are the predominant vivid impressions recorded in her diary. 3.The barbaric and turbulent conditions born by the Nazi invasion which made the family suffer socio-economic-political depression led her to write the diary. 4.Her belief in the ultimate goodness of humanity and her faith in religion and God amidst the war are the accounts from her diary that inspire courage and optimism. Recommendations: The analysis and interpretation of the diary yielded the following recommendations: 1.That the study may be used as reference materials in History, Sociology and Literature with traces of the events in Second World War. 2.The literature and history teachers may assign researches on personal experiences of Anne Frank especially her suffering as a Jew in order to deeply understand the inhumanity of man to man during Anti-Semitism Nazism period and appreciate the dignity of human life. 3.The English teachers may make journal or diary writing an activity to enable students enhance their writing ability and know themselves better as well as express their inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. 4.The curriculum developers especially in secondary and tertiary level may include The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank in their syllabi lessons because her life story embodies nobility of spirit and hope which may inspire young people to a lesser or higher degree. 5.The future researchers may indulge in the study of a non-fiction for few have really ventured on it as a formal study.   these are examples of excerpts from her diary…. The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank Dear Kitty, I see the eight of us with our ‘Secret Annex’ as if we were a little piece of blue heaven, surrounded by heavy black rain clouds. The round, clearly defined spot where we stand is still safe, but the clouds gather more closely about us and the circle which separates us from the approaching danger closes more and more tightly. Now we are so surrounded by danger and darkness that we bump against each other, as we search desperately for a means of escape. We all look down below, where people are fighting each other, we look above, where it is quiet and beautiful and meanwhile we are cut off by the great dark mass, which will not let us go upwards, but which stands before us as an impenetrable wall; it tries to crush us, but cannot do so yet. I can only cry and implore: “Oh, if only the black circle could recede and open the way for us!” –Monday, 8 November, 1943.           Dear Kitty, The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.   When I looked outside right into the depth of Nature and God, then I was happy, really happy. And Peter, so long as I have that happiness here, the joy in nature, health and a lot more besides, all the while one has that, one can always recapture happiness. Riches can all be lost, but that happiness in your own heart can only be veiled, and it will still bring you happiness again, as long as you live. As long as you can look fearlessly up into the heavens, as long as you know that you are pure within and that you will still find happiness.” -Wednesday, 23 February, 1944.            Dear Kitty, I’ve found that there is always some beauty left- in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you. Look at these things, then you find yourself again, and God, and then you regain your balance. And whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery!” –Tuesday, 7 March, 1944. Dear Kitty, I finally realized that I must do my schoolwork to keep from being ignorant, to get on in life, to become a journalist, because that’s what I want! I know I can write …, but it remains to be seen whether I really have talent … And if I don’t have the talent to write books or newspaper articles, I can always write for myself. But I want to achieve more than that. I can’t imagine living like Mother, Mrs. van Daan and all the women who go about their work and are then forgotten. I need to have something besides a husband and children to devote myself to! … I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death! And that’s why I’m so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that’s inside me! When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived! But, and that’s a big question, will I ever be able to write something great, will I ever become a journalist or a writer? –Wednesday, 5 April 1944.            The Perceptual Strengths of Selected Sophomore Students in Learning English Lessons at the Different Department at Batangas State University- SY- 2011-2012   Abstract:   Never before had traditional teachers and sages implemented student-centered activities because they are the focal point in lecture and discussion. Never before the pioneers in education discovered the multiple intelligence theory and learning style which debunked the intelligent quotient theory because it recognizes various talents and skills of every person. Nor had they entered so completely into the very essence of learning style seeing every learner to absorb and learn information to full potential. Never before had they utilized computers with diskettes, compact disks and flash drives, radio, television, digital video discs and video compact discs player, liquid crystal display, overhead projector and other electronic gadgets in classroom but chalk and board. Just when it seemed that the methods and materials used by our forefathers of education are unerring, commendable and effective, the educators who theorized multiple intelligence and learning styles had done much task with an undeniable depth and capability to recreate the educational trend today. This study attempts to determine the Perceptual Strengths of Selected Sophomore Students in Learning English Lessons at CABEIHM, CAS, CEAFACS, CIT, CON and CTE Department at Batangas State University And Proposed Instructional Materials And Classroom Activities For English Teachers That Correspond To Students’ Perceptual Strengths, School Year 2011-2012. Students possess different perceptual strengths and this study can accommodate when learning new and challenging information. The perceptual strengths will be important parameters in designing proposedinstructional materials and classroom activities for English teachers. The instructional materials used and teaching techniques and methods implemented in English subjects can be improved and transformed into better through the result of this study. Moreover, she strives to achieve new ways of thinking, feeling, doing, becoming and being as her goal to contribute to quality education. With this visionary, engaging and transformative information on education, let us bring out the best in our students by adapting new teaching styles. We, as teachers, should help, support, advocate and start our goal to achieve quality education through teaching our students the way they learn.             Objectives of the Study This study, indeed, calls forth facts, analysis and most of all, application. It is a risk to conduct such study because determining perceptual strength is extensive and difficult and it needs reliable and valid instrument. It asks for deeper and holistic understanding and wisdom of the educative process. Students possess different perceptual strengths and this study can accommodate when learning new and challenging information. How will learning come alive and effective in this dynamic and changing world in education when most of the teachers just know what to teach but do not know how to teach within the students’ grasp and absorption? How can teachers achieve maximum learning when they don’t know teaching styles that correspond to the students’ perceptual strengths? The perceptual strengths will be important parameters in designing proposedinstructional materials and classroom activities for English teachers. The instructional materials used and teaching techniques and methods implemented in English subjects can be improved and transformed into better through the result of this study. Methodology Respondents of the Study             The survey questionnaire method was used to gather data. The respondents of the study consisted of selected 270 sophomore students from different colleges at CABEIHM, CAS, CEAFACS, CIT, CON and CTE Department at Batangas State University. They were distributed as follows: Business Management = 30, Hotel and Restaurant Management= 30, Developmental Communication=30, Psychology=30, Architecture=30, Information Technology=30, Instrumentation and Control Technology=30, Nursing=30 and Secondary Education=30.   Statistical Treatment of Data The instrument used in gathering data was the questionnaire distributed among the respondents. The statistical treatments used in this study were percentages, weighted mean and t-test method.

  1. This was used with to analyze and interpret the profile of the respondents.

Weighted Mean. This was use to determine which part of the total respondents fell under certain categories. T-Test. this was used to test the significant difference between the assessments of male and female respondents from different department and to determine the significant difference on the perceptual strength in learning English when students are grouped according to their profile. Both computed values were computed with the tabular value at 0.05 level of significance.   Results and Discussion

  1. Demographic Profile of the Respondents:

1.1. Gender Table 1 Frequency Distribution of the Respondents According to their Gender

Gender Frequency Percentage
Male Female 121 149 44.8 55.2
Total 270 100

            1.2. Age Table 2 Frequency Distribution of the Respondents According to their Age

Age bracket Frequency Percentage
16 17 18 19 2 184 70 14 .7 68.1 25.9 5.2
Total 270 100

1.3. Course Table 3 Frequency Distribution of the Respondents According to their Course

Course Frequency Percentage
Business Management Hotel and Restaurant Management Developmental Communication Psychology Architecture Information Technology Instrumentation and Control Technology Nursing Secondary Education 30 30   30   30 30 30 30   30 30 11.1 11.1   11.1   11.1 11.1 11.1 11.1   11.1 11.1
Total 270 100


  1. Perceptual Strengths (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic) the students prefer in learning English lessons?

Table 4 Frequency Distribution of the Respondents According to their Perceptual Strength  

  Visual Auditory Tactile Kinesthetic
    Business Management     9   7   9   5
  3.33   2.60   3.33   1.85
    Hotel and Restaurant Management     3   9   8   10
  1.11   3.33   2.97   3.70
      Development Communication       4   7   5   14
  1.48   2.60   1.85   5.19
      Psychology   5   13   7   5
  1.85   4.81   2.60   1.85
      Architecture   13   3   10   4
  4.81   1.11   3.70   1.48
      Information Technology         4   7   9   10
  1.48   2.60   3.33   3.70
    Instrumentation and Control Technology     5   6   13   6
  1.85   2.22   4.81   2.22
      Nursing     8   6   12   4
  2.97   2.22   4.44   1.48
      Secondary Education     6   12   6   6
  2.22   4.44   2.22   2.22
    Total   57   70   79   64
  21.1   25.9   23.7   29.3


  1. Perceptual Strengths (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic) the male and female students prefer in learning the English lessons?

Frequency Distribution of the Male and Female Respondents According to their Perceptual Strength   Table 5  

Perceptual Strengths Male Female
Visual 57
Auditory 70
Tactile 79
Kinesthetic 64  
Total 121 149
44.8% 55.2%


  1. Difference on the perceptual strengths in learning English with respect to the student’s profile variable.

Table 6 Significant Difference on the Perceptual Strength in Learning English When Students are Grouped According to their Profile

Profile p-value Computed Value Decision Verbal Interpretation
Age Gender Course .66 .83 .000 31.98 7.36 277.74 Accept Ho Accept Ho Reject Ho Not Significant Not Significant Significant

The table above shows the difference on the perceptual strength in learning English when students are grouped according to their profile.                                                      From the descriptive-normative-comparative-correlational survey research design of the study, the following findings emerged:  

  1. Profile of Students

        Gender. The male respondents comprised 44.8 percentage while the female respondents comprised 55.2 percentage.         Age. The profile of the sophomore students indicates that they fell within the age range of 16-19 and the age range of 17 comprised 68.1 percentage of frequency distribution.         Course. There are 30 respondents for nine courses which comprised 11.1 percentage for each course.

  1. Perceptual Strengths of Students in Different Department in Learning English Lessons. The computed chi-square value of 277.74 was found to be significant at 0.05 level of significance. This indicates significant difference on the students’ perceptual strength when grouped according to their course.

Based on the study, 4.81 implies that students major in Architecture and the 3.33 implies that students major in Business Management are visual learners. Thus, these are the students create mental images, remember, absorb and retain information through visual thinking. As revealed in the study, students major in Psychology with 4.81 and students major in Secondary Education with 4.44 are auditory learners who learn best when they hear the information, read about it and discuss it. As indicated in the study, students major in Instrumentation and Control Technology with 4.81, students major in Nursing with 4.44 and students major in Architecture with 3.70 as well as students major in Business Management with 3.33 are tactile learners. Nevertheless, they acquire and understand knowledge fully through hands-on approach. The 5.19 indicates that students major in Hotel and Restaurant Management and students major in Development Communication and students major in Information Technology with 3.70 are kinesthetic learners. They are the type of learners who engage well in physical involvement and prefer doing things rather than just by sitting and listening. 3. Perceptual Strengths of Male and Female Students in Learning English Lessons. Specifically, it was noted that the males are visual learners with 21.1 percentage and kinesthetic learners with 23.7. Hence, they learn best through creating a picture in their minds and through physical involvement. In contrast, the females are auditory learners with 25.9 percentage and tactile learners with 29.2. Hence, they learn best through listening to discussions and using of both hands.

  1. Difference on the Perceptual Strengths in Learning English With Respect to the Student’s Profile Variable. The students’ perceptual strengths do not vary when grouped according to their age and gender at 0.05 level of significance. However, there is a significant difference on the students’ perceptual strength when grouped according to their course.

  CONCLUSIONS Through comprehensive analysis and presentation of data, the following conclusions were drawn:

  1. No two students learn exactly the same way. Moreso, the typical college sophomore student of BSU is a combination of different perceptual strengths such as visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic.
  2. Students learn in different way and teachers have different teaching styles and methods. In as much, there is a significant relationship between the students’ learning styles and teachers’ teaching styles for both of them affect each other.
  3. The process in learning English lessons is accelerated when there is a match between the perceptual strengths of the students and the teaching modality of the teachers.
  4. The instructional materials and classroom activities for English teachers that correspond to students’ perceptual strengths may be of great help to achieve maximum teaching-learning potential between two variables.

  RECOMMENDATIONS The analysis and interpretation of the study yielded the following recommendations:

  1. The English teachers as well as the administrators of BSU should be informed and oriented about the perceptual strengths of students so that they can adapt teaching methods that would make every lesson in English easy to learn, interesting and effective.
  2. There should be seminars and workshops about perceptual strengths and teaching styles so that teachers will be flexible, responsive, creative, innovative, engaging and transitional to efficiently implement newly-revised classroom activities and instructional materials according to students’ perceptual strengths.
  3. More studies about the same subject should be made. Hence, a similar subject done in another setting should be conducted in different campuses or could be done in a wider-scale including the integrated school- which includes the elementary and secondary department.


  Proposed  Instructional Materials and Classroom Activities for English Teachers Based on the Results of  Perceptual Strengths of Selected Sophomore Students  in Learning English Lessons  
Types of Learners Instructional Materials Classroom Activities
    Visual Modules, books, magazines, newspapers, graphic aids such as pie charts, bar and line graph, maps, pictures, television, overhead projector, liquid crystal display, computer, VCD, DVD Drawing of editorial cartoon, poster, slogan, collage making, scrabble, word games, comic strips, filmstrips, electro boards, task cards, and flip chutes, photo-essay, power point presentation and windows movie maker, film/documentary showing
    Auditory Radio, mp3, mp4, ipod, recorded tapes, discs, computer, television, VCD, DVD Spelling contests, oral reports, listening to phonics and recordings on pronunciation and enunciation, listening to music, story telling, oration and declamation
    Tactile Modules, books, magazines, newspapers, coloring and writing materials, books, musical instruments, logic puzzles, scrabble, puppets Drawing of editorial cartoon, poster slogan, collage making, scrabble, word games, comic strips, diorama, scale model, photo-essay, clay molding, word games, mazes, writing a poem/essay and written report, black theater, chamber theater and marionette theater
        Kinesthetic Coloring and writing materials, modules, books, camera, microphone, DVD Floor games, role-playing activities,  Role play, dramatization, speech choir, completion dialog, panel discussion, brainstorming, group discussion, debate, personification of characters, interpretative dancing, educational trip, black theater, chamber  theater and marionette theater


world literature


Asia, being one of the largest continents and having diverse population, creates a literature that is multi-faceted. It has an extensive and fascinating history that encompasses essential ingredients of an excellent masterpiece. Moreso, the stories are elaborately-interwoven whether it be told in prose or verse and whether it divided itself into scenes or chapters. The haikus of Japan and the maxims of China have purity of expression and elevated language. The influence of “The Prophet” and “The Rubaiyat” from Arabian countries never disappered. India is a place of great epic which offers fascinating stories in a highly-stylized form of drama. Literature of Asia illuminates the depth and breath of Asian people which inspire nobility of spirit to million readers.


There can be no question concerning the quality of oral and written works the African writers produce. Both prose and poetry have greatness and power to evoke fullness of emotion in the readers. African literature refers to the literature of and from Africa wherein it breathes African sentiments and struggles. It carves out a niche of its own as predominantly oral which scholars and critics coined it as “orature.” Their literature is exquisitely-written and virtually-impressive in a larger scale. Their universal theme emanates from their struggles as a nation setting us forth a distinctly African Literature. Lastly, colonial repression is the unyielding moral and ethical context of their literature.


European Literature consists literary writings in various languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, German, Italian, Greek, Russian and the like. The several writers hold the universality of expression and they cater us too convincingly-satisfying our own literary appetite. With this, their writing style is enlivened from generation to generation and there flows splendor of literary devices that connect us with the past. There is much whimsy in their narrative techniques which are sharply-etched portraits of everyday life. These writers give us assurance that fictive people are worthwhile and worth-knowing like the character of Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Jean Valjean, Faust, Dante, Don Quixote, Roland and many others. The best thing about it is that both fiction and non-fiction are all linked up with multiple lives in an intensely-perceptive and artistic characterization.


We can peruse the pages of history with so much amusement and lessons on North American Literature. Despite the influence of European Literature, the literature of North America especially the United States of America stands independently and flourishes widely without the shadow of European Literature. The stories are arranged within another and the readers can participate in the events and empathize with the characters upon reading those materials. We are moved to laugh and cry and feel the character’s emotions in its utmost essence like in the Scarlet Letter, A Rose for Emily, The Cask of Amontillado, The Killers, Oliver Twist, Huckleberry Finn and many others. The American writers enchant the readers by casting spell of their unbounded imagination over us. They inherit the true spirit of fascinating plot wherein it can get inside a character’s skin and sets us forth on their own terms.

The writers in South America develop a genuine creative novelty in their literary works. The plot and character proceed at a breathless pace and still delivers a delicate sensibility which is illuminated by its texts. Their works are engagingly-read which trace certain lines of manifold human experience and bring out spiritual side of man. Their literature is magnanimously-wealthy in tradition and culture that is built upon a substratum of tenderest characterization like Clara, Esteban, Balthazar, Eva and Antenor and many others. Endowed with mystic sensitiveness, theirs have own tale to tell with unsurpassing skill in dialogue. With this, everything is intimately connected with everything else that contains the magniloquent lingo of the South Americans.


Oceanian Literature is a story of national upheaval wherein love and devotion for the vast empty land sprang from the minds of mostly Australian writers. They achieve literary success with which they turn their love for nature and country into printed materials. In some inexplicable way, their themes seem curiously flooded with nature and its beauty as well as its history. Though diversified in form and just new in literary world, the prose and verse are wonderfully-single in inspiration. Hence, it excoriates an elegant, delicate, smooth sensitivity and a time-honored device within the bounds of literary canon.





I fix myself to catch my inner mind set
I close my eyes into my sealed window of breath
I listen to the voice of the unsung composer
The night falls to welcome the unsought conjecturer

Too many thoughts, too many uncertainties for the singing still
There’s a storm-like power I can’t hold on to my will
I open my eyes for I don’t want to walk in someone’s dream
I collect myself to do some dreaming for my less-visited stream

I don’t have and never could have a jewel beyond measure
I’ve been in a place where there’s beauty in
everything and everywhere
No one can ever get there for true beauty is for the great thinker
Where I find true beauty is the place I least expect
It could be the place I always travel and see
Unseen beauty becomes no great shake
It is invisible, intangible where many can’t see
woods for the tree

Beauty is where the heart is
It is a person’s missing piece
What is beautiful is invisible to the eye
Sometimes we are blind and tell a lie
The best display is the hidden treasure
Like a precious jewel beyond measure
Sometimes, beauty becomes no great shake
It has a strong power to make or break
Beauty can be found in the face we always see
But sometimes we cannot see woods for the tree
The promise of beauty is to give us a high esteem
And deliver us a soul so pure and clean

I am an ocean of sea-grief unity
I am a little bird that sobs among the tree
I stare at the jolly bird who softly hums her melody
I am the unprotected bird begging for warmth and sanity

I am a grain of rice
Everything has its price
I think love is so expensive and hard to give
I am broken into two and painfully grieve

I am the utter fantasy rocks
See…. I call the stars in the morning skies
I ask an affection that never lies
But I shun the passion of the music box

I am a parasite of five elements
I diffuse in the atmosphere my ungrateful scent
In the southern rain, I lost my sentiments
I stroll the road-less hay field and been out of bend

I am a color promise of despair
I am a dreamer struggling the star of hope
I watch the flying birds and timelessly aspire to fly too
I dream to ascend but slumber with fragile rope

I am the unwritten writer because someone
quoted my felicity’s imprint
I am the unnoticed creek…
…where I bathe you of my sadden sweat…
…where you drink my tears…

I couldn’t love myself now if I didn’t hate myself before
As dawn broke, I enveloped myself high with guilt pleasure
And the mood of the spirit did not fly and linger
Would I yield to an orthodox or believe the lie?
Is it I who choose to be bold or demure?
They seem a modest figure but always belie!

I psyched out the animal instinct
And it suddenly became succinct
But we would rather have nothing but the map’s destiny
Some people find stars that crush in the ocean
It is the fatal prone some people lay
Prowling in the dance of dust to find their heyday

There’s an unconscious competition
making ourselves better persons
But me, still reflecting like an insight provoker
I am loved by Man Above….. I am loved by Man Above
You ought to know…. I never give up!

The stars climb into a sunless sky
When my fantasy never dies
Precisely 12 midnight I compose a haiku
I used to hear the echoes of déjà vu
To understand what I feel
You never will….

Riding down to the reality, weakness is my talent
The moon makes me mad with my letters unsent
I can create something out of nothing with my bare hand
I compete with myself because birth is my end

To understand what I feel
You never will….

The vision of you is my first cause which sparkles in the shadow
The soft clouds cover the sunrise and reflect a rainbow
The journey intricates a spectacular life it wants to show
The field intrudes the hurricane along the green meadow
To understand what I feel
You never will….

Do you promise the sun to rise in the west?
And tell the mediocre to do his best?
Within the miracle you keep, what is your hue?
To search for your star, I bade adieu
To understand what I feel
You never will….

I don’t ask your window-shopping stage
I don’t know your story on Shakespearean age
My whole life wonders when will you tie the knot
Down the tree, I love forever your whereabout
To understand what I feel
You never will

If I were to ask, ‘where is love?,
let me first ask, where it is not?
Then I notice a girl who passes this way
Blooming inside… glowing at the innermost heart
A girl spending her days learning to love
She is a built in rose of passion with long-felt affection
which outbursts its lyrical portraits
She is the portrait of feminine touch that is beyond forgetting
No vision is more ineffaceable than the sight of a girl
who drew breath of admiration…..

I serenade her:
I am looking for love and you spell me up by your charm
Would you not listen to my heart’s beat but sing it?
Would you get a magnificent chance to know who I am?
Let us dance to my line of song
Let us walk to my frame of garden
Let us learn love together and be not impassioned young travelers
Can I offer you flowers for your discerning answer?
Can I kiss you warmly asking… would you be my girl?

If I say yes, will you go on hunting me?
If I say no, will you stop serenading me?
You would never made me spellbound
with your sweet-serenade

I remember what you said….
‘Let us dance to the tune of my deep-rooted mind
Let us wander to the garden of my heart,
Let us see the beautiful flowers’

How true is our window-shopping stage?
How far searching goes between us?
How your admiration remains so?
How my reply becomes forever?
This is my reply:

‘Unrequited love is not meant for you
So be it to be your little girl my dear wooer
Don’t make me tired wandering to your garden of heart
Don’t make me shun smelling your love-scented flowers
Be as worth as gold to be my little boy as I am your little girl
My dear wooer, remember your most requested kiss…?
I am thinking about it!’

I ask how much you love me
And I give my heart to thee
I ask if bliss is mine
And ask a life so gentle and fine

Shall I ask a mathematician how he could
count the sands on the seashore?
Shall I ask a bird how boundless in the sky he could soar?
Shall I ask an explorer where is the end of the distance?
Or a traveler where is the heaven’s entrance?
But will you answer me truly?
If I ask how much you love me?

Shall I ask a blind man how crystal clear is the sun?
Shall I ask a paralyzed man how fast he could run?
Shall I ask a dead man when he will wake up on his grave?
Or ask a king how he remains faithful to his slave?
But will you answer me truly?
If I ask how much you love me?

Shall I ask a loser an advice on how to win?
Shall I ask a withered leaf when he will turn to green?
Shall I ask a sun when he will melt?
Or a rich man when he will give all his wealth?
But will you answer me truly?
If I ask how much you love me?

Shall I ask a Catholic how much he loves Satan?
Shall I ask a Buddhist how he likes to read the Koran?
Shall I ask a drought how voluminous his flood?
Or a Yuletide Season how ageless his blood?
But will you answer me truly?
If I ask how much you love me?

Shall I ask a dreadful shadow of future
how much he could give love more?
Shall I ask an uncaring heart how much open his door?
Shall I ask a musician how soul-stirring when soft voices die?
Or a poet how sentiment-filled poem when it loses its rhyme?
But will you answer me truly?
If I ask how much you love me?

The feeling of emotion is a pitfall in the world of emotions
It is a balloon of emotions where there are critics
Prickling holes in our balloon
We are frowning…

The emotional twist is the aftermath of our bargained emotion
It is the low class diamond I can twist and turn
We are choking…

The counterpart of our lousy emotion is the emotional threat
Rational equation is its major formula to get even
We are mumbling . . .

Emotional business is our vocation while
emotional overdose is our avocation
We burst our bubble and cast out our extraneous system
We are studying…

To articulate our emotion is beyond the eloquent emotion
Let us put our best foot forward to qualify
in close- to- perfect emotion
We are comprehending…

Our reverence emotionality is gladiator in emotion
It is invincible when there’s no covenant between
real and ideal emotion
We are learning . . .

Let us interview ourselves and let not speak
but our feelings’ memoir
Let us judge ourselves and explain our emotion legacy
Right now . . . we are empathizing…


Was when I drew breath like the alluring scent of roses
My tiny fists were rosebuds yet to bloom and swing
My supple skin was a fleecy cloud so fresh and fine

Was when you breathed life full of hope and promises
Your shining eyes were innocent and unknowing
Your responsive lips created a blur of vision and time
Now… the wind blows through my silken hair
And you dance with the rhythm of air

I am the artist……
I paint with my quivering brush
And design with flawless canvas
You discuss the elements of art
And inspire me to create with heart
You are the critic…..

I am the writer….
I put my thoughts into sentence
And imprison them with cadence
You pick up the figurative language
And remind me the Shakespearean age
You are the editor…

I am the singer….
I hum through the musical words
And synchronize with the playing cords
You applaud my singing voice
And hear my music with rejoice
You are the listener….

I am the performer….
I giggle my butt with smiling lips
Move and sway my curving hips
You cheer me on with grace
And scream through the race
You are the audience…..

But sometimes we swap our job and I do your role
We are the two rings that interlock and the twin soul
We have friendship and love well-born
A deep relationship we will never ever scorn

If these teardrops would fall in the soil
and make a blossoming flower
then I endure my teardrops to continuously fall
I opened my eyes and found myself lying in the sand
Blue sand waiting to kiss by the cheerful eerie splash of sea
The sound of voices echoed along the tree
Beneath the tree, there is unruly wind smuggling
my soul like a gigantic cell

I put my worries in my pocket
The wandering waif stole my pocket
I got rage but I remember I put my worries there
The ray of dawn was covering my teardrops
The moonlight flickered through my face
And left a freezing air so clear
Now the tornadoes swept out in the sky
Because I put my worries in my pocket
The one who stole says….. ‘What a damn!’
And I say….. ‘Thanks God!

I have with me the competitor of God
Being good is enough; it’s time to be bad
It is the demon-substitute on earth
Revenge is my reply to heal my hurt
Anger roles my tongue and dismal face
It backfires in the blood of my human race
Tomorrow will be my red-letter day
I will get the payback and surely be gay
I will slit your throat and break you into pieces
You will suffer and there will be no forgiveness
I will never take my revenge for granted
I am only human whose kindness is limited
I know my plan is between the devil and deep blue sea
But now, I will cancel my anger because I am so busy
Just look fearfully at my eyebrows forming a sharp triangle
Suddenly, there appears a man with wings like an angel
I have a soft spot in my heart…
so forgiveness….. consider it done!
Oh! My anger….. I am actually not having fun!

Bloke! You’ve got your brain in gear
So be it not lifeless and sere
You are not born yesterday
And be that as it may

You refuse silver for you look for gold
Be contented for luck will be cold
Sailed by the soundless cry which is hush
You need a push, a priceless in its cash

Spring is not in you despite you grow
Just think that you reap what you sow
There is still the benefit of the doubt
For this world offers no time-out

Composing poems is the job of an idler
I won’t tell you that I compose poem
Perhaps yes, perhaps no
Giving poetic skill is the job of nobody else
I won’t tell you who is the poetess
Perhaps the philosopher or perhaps the fool
Perhaps the philosopher is my mind who thinks
Or the fool is my heart who reveals
My mind is out prowling and my heart is out searching
My soul evokes its spirit and spreads its elements
It’s not what you’re thinking
You don’t seem to get it, do you?
And it is to be continued……

Yes, I am the poetess
My poems are just impromptu
Poetry is me, rhapsody is my waterloo
I am but the answer’s irony
It is the philosophy of my own life
It is the psychology of my own self
It is the history of my own past
It is the language of my own behavior
I die but my poems would not fade
So long as I live, they will survive
Not the Statue of Liberty, not the Great Walls of China
shall overtake their substance
Not the age of time, not the hundred fold history
shall run their content
I myself shall discard poetry writing if I stop breathing;
once I become the poetess,
I will be the poetess forever in its single moment…

I played a game and little did I know the game was me
I was like a magnet for troubled souls whilst
in favor with tragedy
Is there a longevity for the perchant for pedagogy
when the rendezvous was sabotaged for necromancy?
Out of the blue, I got a short-end bargain for the itinerary
I asked why somebody didn’t do good
and realized I was that somebody
When the images of rapture were in fool’s paradise,
The naiveté was calm in sun’s warm embrace
I was in a world of reverie as I was wrapped in a cool breeze
And came the deafening silence of the
session of sweet benevolent thoughts
In the world of literature, I succeeded to juggle my composure
It began to roll and crumple to greet the paradise creek
Bundles of words sank deep into my heart
It aided up sentiments within my long-bashful sleep
I called into an enthusiastically new road of thought
….and I am wide awake….

What is the truth behind the mirror and myself?
Could I cling a mirror or my portrait?
Should I open my inside’s outside?
Is my self – portrait a picture perfect?
Would the mirror talk inside me
as I gaze deeply and highly?
Do I deceive people by my facade?
Does my body make me who I am?

Does the variety of wearable things reflect my character?
What kind of wearer am I?
What is my inside?
Does my mind belong to me or belong
to someone else’s mind who is less a portrayer?
I know that I am the portrayer of my own self

I made my life
It is my inalienable inside
Does my body crawl inside my heart?
Does it speak a volume of myself into my soul?

Who owns the reflection standing forward
and backward at me?
Does my shadow ever loyal to me?
Does it haunt another man and
deliberately flaunt me?

I pretend who I’m not
I am the original version of myself`
I never portray the second version of myself
I am still the person that I was
I am me
What I am is what I am
I am who I am

I can be the master of the plane
But I cannot be the master of the sky
I can be the master of the train
But I cannot be the master of the land

I can be the master of the ship
But I cannot be the master of the sea
I can change, I can grow, I can leap
But I cannot be nothing to be everything

Is there such a thing called pain warrant?
A natured-way that is infinite adamant
Pain can hurt all but arrest you to be tough
Suppose to be a road that is narrow and rough
I feel pain but I have the joy collection
And that is my emotional exploration
When pain ceased to be
Oh! The big moment is to me
Actually we are not pain free
Just welcome pain warrant for life’s fee

I think we have a serious business
Enough about you and me but a couple of us
We have to talk about the dignity of our aloneness
I think we are hurrying along too fast….
…too fast to say I’m gone
…too fast to say I’m done
…too fast to think we are not one
…too fast to change the side of sun

We give no hatred but genuine affection
We’re neither friendship’s creator nor destroyer
Sometimes I think of our unbecoming connection
And I feel the less sharing of ourselves to each other
Can I write our so-called uncopied friendship?
How do I know what I know about you and me?
Should I discern how mattered thing will be?
Would I laugh because I cry for our friendshift?

Mimic motions
Morning bursts
Trade the feet of the chilling dawn
Shades of dreams
Pass along the sleepy dusk of angels

Only anchors of lullaby’s will
Sealed with faith and hope
Ray of light covers the winter

I travel in the shadow of yesterday
Images of past moisture me away like an angel
Over the lofty ambitions
The furnace is over
Tranquility zone is vivid now
Clouds quarrel the husky wind
Unveiling the footsteps in the sky of angel-like

Noonday dreams
Nostalgic moments
Night’s memories
Always meet with your angel
Behind the clear blue sky

I was a crying child in my shattering cradle
I was too much of nothing to be everything
I was ailed by emptiness in my mind whispering
to the inmost dimension
I was cramped by turmoil episode crossing
the startling empty heart
Had I not been empty, I would have not been
dignified for my doubtful quest

I echoed in the four-sided empty space but nobody heard me
I traversed in out of nowhere point but nobody saw me
I was numb with holistic sense which treated me as a lower soul
I was empty because I was climbing deeply without a ladder

I was lying in a ship of lunacy heading off
to an unyielding melancholy place
Nobody knows that the sea I was sailing
was my own overflowing tears
I was drowned in tears and created a river
of pain and nothingness
I was journeying through far-away distance
loaded with heavy boxes of words
And the heavy boxes of words
were the parade of my boredom
roaming in the island of white-darkness

The stillness of my emptiness had sulked
into the Great Beholder
He drank my tears and I had embarked to the ship of lunacy
He’s been my great sounding board for He never gets tired
listening to my soul’s cry
Now, I am less-alone, half-sorrowful
Less of me, half of me and more of Him,
full of Him makes us one
Life’s journey takes me now to new meaning
of my undaunted existence
I am craving for spirit and blissfully so into
the Great Beholder

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pen and paper psychologist

Bloke! You’ve got your brain in gear
So be it not lifeless and sere
You are not born yesterday
And be that as it may

You refuse silver for you look for gold
Be contented for luck will be cold
Sailed by the soundless cry which is hush
You need a push, a priceless in its cash

Spring is not in you despite you grow
Just think that you reap what you sow
There is still the benefit of the doubt
For this world offers no time-out