turning point

mam bwbookTruly indeed, this book is the product of my own thoughts at 18 (poetry), at 22 (philosophy) and at 25 (psychology). Hence, through my thoughts leading to discernment, it teaches me the way to the turning point of my life. In all areas of my life, this book is a living testimony of the turning points in my life. This book will show you that the quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. This also encourages you to devour your life with noble purpose in whatever you do…. a purposeful life intended to give zest and passion.

Thus, this is the essence of the book: to enliven your mental powerhouse, to fulfill your heart’s desire and to nourish your soul. Very importantly, to know deeply and rightly your turning point. My dear readers, I hope you learn something from this book and may you apply those values towards a satisfied and dignified life. May you be blessed by the beauty of life as suggested by this book. As such, this book aspires you to become:

Sincerely Yours,
January 2, 2014









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