i’m sexy and i know it….


Sexiness for me is not always about who is sexy but what is sexy. A sexy one is not a toxic to other people’s lives. He/she is respectful and solicitous of the well-being of others. He/she is polite to everybody, everywhere and everytime. He/she makes other people feel they are important and all in all, he/she is personally winsome. Sexiness is in the presentation where we should know what we are doing… and we project ourselves positively. It is looking sharp, feeling sharp and being sharp.





What is hypocrisy? Who are hypocrites? Hypocrisy is faking to be what one is not. It comes in many forms, sizes, shapes and colors. Hypocrisy is pretending to like a person who we actually dislike. It is also pretending to agree with someone we don’t agree with.

If we have a rating scale on hypocrisy we may rate ourselves:

PART I. Please put a check mark (ü) on the column to indicate frequency as observed. Rate yourself how often you have become hypocrite.


Rating Guide:  

4 –  Very Often

3 – Often

2 – Seldom

1 – Never

So how do we rate ourselves?




                     More often than not, thinkers, scholars and philosophers have been misunderstood. In essence, as Ralph Waldo-Emerson said it eloquently,

                                           “great men are misunderstood.”

In essence, on a purely human level, people may love or hate me or may accept or reject a certain part of my personality but this is all what it entails coming to terms to declare my philosophy. However, I question myself…. How do I know that I know what I know? Are they rival sets of facts or just my unredeemed illusions in life? Or what I know is something else entirely?






Trust is a strange thing. It is the basis of our economy, community and even love. Trust should be built by opening up. However, we don’t just open up to anybody for there are people out there who are false friends and inversely; we don’t just close ourselves to anyone we don’t know yet because they maybe potential real friends.  We should scrutinize and choose people whom we can become friends with. We should observe their value system and the things that they do and enjoy in order to choose our friends correctly. It is all about taking risk and discerning who is who to find true friends.





Defense mechanisms—- we all have them at some points at some ways. However, people are not too well-informed about what it is about. Those defense mechanisms are what we deal with when we have problems we cannot confront. Unable to brave the storms and mazes of life, we seek for an easy way out. However, we end up being trapped in several complexes of life which are revealed through our defense mechanisms.  To emphasize what I’ve been saying all along, we all scream beneath our lungs, PSYCHOLOGIZE ME.







L essens our pitfalls and mistakes in life through moral and spiritual lessons

I  mproves our linguistic competence and encourages us to appreciate the

power of language

T ies and connects us to other studies from history to sociology to philosophy

to economics or science

E ntertains us with an amazing array of characters and their memorable lines

R escues us from boredom and elevates us above the mundane and predictability of life

A rouses our curiosity, awakens our spirit and lets us in a little unknown bit of our soul

T ests our mental processes by decoding man’s motives and values in life

U nleashes the inner artist in us by giving us profundity of thoughts and

richness of emotions

R eaches the innermost core of our hearts through a much higher dimension

truths in life

E ncourages us to understand humanity by seeing semblances of

other’s traits in ourselves