L essens our pitfalls and mistakes in life through moral and spiritual lessons

I  mproves our linguistic competence and encourages us to appreciate the

power of language

T ies and connects us to other studies from history to sociology to philosophy

to economics or science

E ntertains us with an amazing array of characters and their memorable lines

R escues us from boredom and elevates us above the mundane and predictability of life

A rouses our curiosity, awakens our spirit and lets us in a little unknown bit of our soul

T ests our mental processes by decoding man’s motives and values in life

U nleashes the inner artist in us by giving us profundity of thoughts and

richness of emotions

R eaches the innermost core of our hearts through a much higher dimension

truths in life

E ncourages us to understand humanity by seeing semblances of

other’s traits in ourselves




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