a little too late reaction on ALDUB PHENOMENON



             After having been fascinated to the worlds of TELESERYES, KALYESERYE provides us a new sort of storyline and theme for young and old viewers. It’s quite apparent that the ALDUB NATION punctuated by its sharp sense of humor and spontaneity captures the Filipino nation. Alden Richards is so awesome and charming plus the chemistry of his partner, Yaya Dub who is lightly fascinating.

THE LOLAS which I may call the three’s company bringsunparalleled wisdom far and wide. Their teachings reached ethical and religious enlightenment during their times up to the present.They marvelously presented their teachings on youth and courtship which are often short but succinct to the point. With an overwhelmingly-formidable romance between Alden and Yaya Dub, there’s much learning in it which contains comprehensive course of life that provides us lesson on love for grandparents. It carves out a niche of its own as predominantly KALYESERYE which is exquisitely-delivered and virtually-impressive in a larger scale.


High hats for that phenomenal love team…. This is my form of support to my being a Filipino. Let us appreciate Filipino artistry……. For if not, no one else will!











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