quotes and maxims

1. With the enormity of the search for ourselves, we can see the unseen, hear the unheard, touch the untouched and speak the unspoken.

2. There could never be another person except us. No one is exactly like us. We should exemplify the knowability of our matter and spirit so we can search for our authentic self.

3. The beauty of life is the one which encourages us to have it in our life. In it, order, rhythm, richness and mystery of life are somewhat actualized. It awakens our spirit and projects a little bit of our soul.

4. Believe that there is no limit we can improve the quality of our life and we can achieve greater heights.

5. Does faith bring me to go somewhere else, walk the aisle of uncertainty to discover and tempt the unknown?

6. There is pain in growth and growth in pain. Couldn’t it be that growing up is what meaning we put into it?

7. Faith is something of a mystery because it answers everything including the unanswered.

8. Life is beautiful and we should savor the moment and focus on the things we love to do.

9. There is a big NO NO in letting ourselves be swallowed up by stressors in life. We need to beat to them.

10. Being holistic, it sends signals to life itself that we are living in harmony with the body’s rhythm that our bodies are synchronized to the cycles of the moon and stars. Thereby, we are attuned with the Infinite Source of life.

11. It is said that we live in a multi-dimensional reality wherein we are living here in the moment and other aspects of of our being are simultaneously existing in other dimensions at other time.

12. One cannot bloom and flourish if one is not in the right place.

13. We should nurture life-nourishing experiences, surround ourselves of the positive vibes and auras and be moved by clear motives in our daily system.

14. We learn love because of time spent and activities shared with them as well as the sacrifices we have for one another.

15. More often than not, thinkers, scholars and philosophers have been misunderstood. As Ralph Emerson said it eloquently, great men are misunderstood.

16. Time metamorphoses us but it cannot be measured, possessed and controlled and we cannot turn back time.

17. Children have the magic, imagination and lure that older ones can’t keep them alive in their hearts. They believe in magic, nurture imagination and bring lure that make them truly happy and alive.

18. We are all interconnected and interdependent with the destiny of others so we need to help each other.

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