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ART is not to shine from a damnable vain-gloriousness and for the satisfaction of human vanity but just to EXPRESS. It is not also to express to people but also to express yourself to yourself…. Thus, ART has benefits…..


10 Benefits in EMBRACING ART in Life

  1. It elevates us beyond the mundane and encourages us to search for more adventures in life.
  2. We escape the shadow of predictability which is monotonous and familiar. Once in a while, it’s good to have thrills and surprises.
  3. It gives vitality and sense of playfulness and makes us excited everyday.
  4. It serves as a powerful source of nourishment to live our life more happily and fruitfully.
  5. It challenges our creativity and creativity gives joy and joy puts meaning in our life.
  6. It keeps the child in us and having the child in us unfolds magic, awe and wonder in life.
  7. It drives and motivates us to achieve what we want in life.
  8. It helps us grow because we improve our hidden talents

and skills.

  1. It directs us to new points and angles of life.
  2. It helps us to get in touch and get to know ourselves more.




For the innumerable men and women having thought of my littleness to declare my philosophy, I humbly say that I am one person who is born not to be perfect. However, I maybe a devil’s advocate to profess my philosophy… but I strive to uphold it in life…. So here are my guiding principles in life……

 philo 1

Adjust instead of abhor the most tense of circumstances…

Befriend instead of bully other people…

Create instead of criticize the crowd…

Develop instead of discourage other people’s talents and skills…

Engage instead of expel social gatherings…

Find instead of flatter other people’s style…

Greet instead of groan to all kinds of people…

Hum instead of harry when under pressure…

Invent instead of imitate mode and craze…

Juggle instead of jump to conclusion…

Keep instead of kick off untried ideas on fashion and style…

Learn instead of laugh at our own idiosyncrasies…

Materialize instead of make believe to be a unique somebody…

Nurture instead of nag interpersonal relationship…

Offer instead of offend other people…

Ponder instead of pause enhancing our uniqueness…

Qualify instead of quit when people question our style…

Radiate instead of reduce winning personality…

Show instead of suppress fashion statement…

Transcend instead of trespass delivering our sense

of individuality…

Undertake instead of undone desirable character…

Visualize instead of vex newly–introduced trend…

Win instead of waver other people’s business…

Be Xtreme instead of Xterminated by our own trademark…

Yield instead of yearn a desire for taste…

Be our target the Zenith instead of Zigzag…



Human Nature…..

humn 3

                   HUMAN NATURE…..  humn 2                                 We are both light and darkness. We will always have both these elements in us—- we can never have only one of the elements. And it is precisely this co-existence of polarly contradictory elements that makes us HUMAN… neither god nor devil…. neither angel nor beast…. 




With all those ideas and concepts in varying degrees as seen in the letters, I believe that the mind is not large enough to contain itself. But, where can that part of it be which they do not contain? Is it outside itself and not within?








Have such crossroads occurred in your life wherein two choices

you extremely like give you a lot of confusion?

What have you decided?


So these are what celebrities have got to say about crossroads.


I write about love, but it’s me wanting to be in love. I’ve never been in love. I love my mom, my dad. I want to be in love. I think I have to allow myself to get there. I’m just so in love with music. It’s weird. I’m at a crossroads because I want to be in love.

Charlie Puth
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I had a role in ‘Crossroads’ when I was about 21, and then I went on to perform in ‘Small Change’ and then ‘Piaf’ in the Donmar Warehouse, London, and it was when I was there that some casting directors spotted me. Luke Evans
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I’ve seen people go through divorces and stuff, crossroads that don’t end well. Often.

Jennifer Aniston
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How many crossroads are you allowed to have in life? I seem to have a lot of crossroads. I think maybe I crossed back across the same road too often. Queen Latifah
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There are two ways to go when you hit that crossroads in your life: There is the bad way, when you sort of give up, and then there is the really hard way, when you fight back. I went the hard way and came out of it okay. Now, I’m sitting here and doing great. Matthew Perry
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Our world is at the crossroads. We have a choice, right and wrong. LL Cool J
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Everybody has that point in their life where you hit a crossroads and you’ve had a bunch of bad days and there’s different ways you can deal with it and the way I dealt with it was I just turned completely to music. Taylor Swift





love me….


Acceptance is love’s stare….

Let us treat the way they are. Let us accept them without questions about the physical traits, possessions and accomplishments they have. Let us affirm their uniqueness and give them freedom to be themselves…. Let us tell, “it’s okay to be yourself.”

Openness is love’s smile….

Let us open our heart what possibilities love can take us. Let us learn how to communicate not only our deepest thoughts and insights but also our deepest feelings and emotions. Let us be a good sounding board to them and let our listening ear get inside their hearts. Let us determinedly stay in touch and share our life with them.

Respect is love’s touch….

What has meaning for them has meaning for us too. What is important to them is important to us too. What they keep special, we keep special too. What makes them happy makes us happy too. Let us respect them as much as limitations are set in bound.

rain 1

Patience is love’s caress….

Let us be patient. Let us love them as much as we can do. Sometimes, we get hurt if we know better the persons we hold so dear. But tolerance and patience can heal that hurt. Let us love them like we’ve never been hurt. Let us persevere to accept their flaws and cracks and get them to change their life into better.

 Faith is love’s embrace….

rain 2

Let us place upon our breasts the love we have for them. Let us nourish our steadfastness through believing in what they do. The faith we entrusted to them will prevail and our oneness will spread through a lifetime. Let our faith in them makes the invisible visible, the intangible tangible and the impossible possible.

Sacrifice is love’s kiss….

                Let us be willing to lose the part of ourselves inspite of our human nature to love ourselves too much. Giving the part of ourself is a sacrifice. Let us believe that true love can outweigh and overtake the pain of loving. It has the power to surpass the sacrifices we endure because love is all that counts.

rain 3

forgive or die of bitterness….


Forgive our Offenders.

We are unhappy because we tend to always remember the past experiences we should forget. We nurse and immerse the intimate pain that robs us from being free and happy. We take too seriously the losses, frustrations, failures and betrayals which eat and nibble us painfully. Scientifically speaking, human brain cannot forget but we can forget the pain, bitterness and sorrow that other people have done to us.

The people who hurt and wronged us ought to be forgiven if we want to be truly happy in our life. Don’t allow past to control the future and don’t rehearse the mistakes committed against us because it disconnects us from God. In both cases, anger hurts more the victim than it does to the offender. Don’t curse them and wish them bad luck for it is an ungodly task. Don’t harbor grudge because unforgiving attitude refrains us from experiencing real friendship that may come our way. Unforgiving and revengeful people develop pimples and wrinkles and become ugly both inwardly and outwardly.

It is hard to forgive because of the cuts and scrapes given to us but it is also hard not to forgive because we are always angry and bitter. Whichever the case maybe, both of them are hard in equal measure, choose the Christian way— forgive!






be childlike….


Children teach us how much we have yet to learn. They ensue us to take ourselves more lightly. They exude the sense of playfulness because life is a celebration for them. They tell us to unmask our absurdities and superficialities. They tell us to throw away our maliciousness and hypocrisy to avoid conflict.






  1. One of the remedies for the demonic dictator of life are pets.
  2. Never ever our pets will bite the hands of those who feed them but adore those hands with gratitude and love.
  3. We are all created into stewards of nature and animals. We can be both giver and taker of life depending on our choice.
  4. A positive mood will creep over us when we play with our pets.
  5. If we are going to adopt a stray pet, we can be sure that this creature will exceed our expectations on love.
  6. The law of proportionate return pets consolidate to us is to love them and receive a lot of love form them.
  7. Animals send an enormous message of unconditional love.
  8. The psychological undepinnings of taking care of pets reflect our capacity to love.
  9. We are invited to expand our capability to love and care if we treat animals rightly.
  10. We are ensnared with lovetraps if we are surrounded by pets.
  11. The stress and strain of life will be lessened if we are to take care of our pets.
  12. We can find relief in animals for they offer positive vibe and energy.
  13. Pets invite us to take life more lightly in a positive connotation.
  14. There is still missing in our life if we don’t know how to embrace the company of pets.
  1. One of the secrets to happiness is to love pets

and love them more.

  1. Pets have fantastic sense of humor and it certainly is contagious.
  2. Pets have no difference from everyone else— we all want to be needed and loved.
  3. Pets are good judges of moral character.
  4. If we want to enjoy life without spending much, try to love a pet.
  5. Loving a pet invites us to be more humane.
  6. We are invited to expand our capability to love and care if we treat animals rightly.
  7. Pets train our emotions to be more affectionate, merciful and loving.



Many people are disillusioned by worldly-inspired craziness. We have distorted view of beauty and we think it is all there is to it. We have unquenchable thirst for beauty. We like things beautiful and we like beautiful things.


The smorgasbord of our erroneous society tells us that if we’re ugly, we’re out! Better hide our face. Really? Whoever said that should go home with his/her big gorilla nose because we are all genuinely beautiful human beings in our own terms.