forgive or die of bitterness….


Forgive our Offenders.

We are unhappy because we tend to always remember the past experiences we should forget. We nurse and immerse the intimate pain that robs us from being free and happy. We take too seriously the losses, frustrations, failures and betrayals which eat and nibble us painfully. Scientifically speaking, human brain cannot forget but we can forget the pain, bitterness and sorrow that other people have done to us.

The people who hurt and wronged us ought to be forgiven if we want to be truly happy in our life. Don’t allow past to control the future and don’t rehearse the mistakes committed against us because it disconnects us from God. In both cases, anger hurts more the victim than it does to the offender. Don’t curse them and wish them bad luck for it is an ungodly task. Don’t harbor grudge because unforgiving attitude refrains us from experiencing real friendship that may come our way. Unforgiving and revengeful people develop pimples and wrinkles and become ugly both inwardly and outwardly.

It is hard to forgive because of the cuts and scrapes given to us but it is also hard not to forgive because we are always angry and bitter. Whichever the case maybe, both of them are hard in equal measure, choose the Christian way— forgive!






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