1. One of the remedies for the demonic dictator of life are pets.
  2. Never ever our pets will bite the hands of those who feed them but adore those hands with gratitude and love.
  3. We are all created into stewards of nature and animals. We can be both giver and taker of life depending on our choice.
  4. A positive mood will creep over us when we play with our pets.
  5. If we are going to adopt a stray pet, we can be sure that this creature will exceed our expectations on love.
  6. The law of proportionate return pets consolidate to us is to love them and receive a lot of love form them.
  7. Animals send an enormous message of unconditional love.
  8. The psychological undepinnings of taking care of pets reflect our capacity to love.
  9. We are invited to expand our capability to love and care if we treat animals rightly.
  10. We are ensnared with lovetraps if we are surrounded by pets.
  11. The stress and strain of life will be lessened if we are to take care of our pets.
  12. We can find relief in animals for they offer positive vibe and energy.
  13. Pets invite us to take life more lightly in a positive connotation.
  14. There is still missing in our life if we don’t know how to embrace the company of pets.
  1. One of the secrets to happiness is to love pets

and love them more.

  1. Pets have fantastic sense of humor and it certainly is contagious.
  2. Pets have no difference from everyone else— we all want to be needed and loved.
  3. Pets are good judges of moral character.
  4. If we want to enjoy life without spending much, try to love a pet.
  5. Loving a pet invites us to be more humane.
  6. We are invited to expand our capability to love and care if we treat animals rightly.
  7. Pets train our emotions to be more affectionate, merciful and loving.


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