the attractiveness of suffering…..


Sufferings in life may either make us an empowered or disempowered individual. It may bring out the angel or monster in us…. We are the products of our experiences in life be it positive or negative. Thus, it is in our choice and decision on how we will react to the unfavorable circumstances in our life.


At the end of it, we will ask ourselves whether we have won or defeated over the battles in our life or if we have become INVICTUS. THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF SUFFERING IS IT BRINGS OUT THE STRENGTH, ENDURANCE AND FAITH INSIDE OUR INNERMOST RECESSES OF OUR SOUL…..


2 thoughts on “the attractiveness of suffering…..

  1. I agree with you. But sometimes some people don’t have much choice, because either traumas or previous bad experiences are taking over their mental control. But yes, suffering can make us stronger and start lifting our head again. 🙂

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