GRETCHEN  HO-H5 her full lips and piercing eyes  fashioned her to be the CHINOY pride. Every time she extends those lips, a mega watt smile shines upon us. And off-course those chinky eyes spur charm. Oh! a beautiful enchantress she will always be. She is a volleyball player of Ateneo Blue Eagles (FAB 5) before the Queen Eagle Alyssa Valdez.     H9She has this picture perfect and athletic style attitude pose that’s why she’s tough and buff. She is crazy, sexy and cool that’s why we can’t get enough of her.




She is witty, candid and insightful…. Her concepts and ideas on life have universality, intellectual and emotional appeal. She definitely is a combination of a great left and right brain…. But more so on the analytical task…. I vouch for her to be one of the role models in for Filipino Youth. Watch out for her more on ANC and ABS-CBN TV PATROL….







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