stages and kind of love… love undefined…..





        AND LUST  


Infatuation Love Lust
§    it is symbolized by a crooked line


§    it is symbolized by a straight line §    it is symbolized by a point
§    it strikes suddenly


§    it strikes gradually §    it strikes sinfully
§    it ends too soon §    it lasts forever §    it has an on and off duration


§    it happens any minute of day §    it happens every single moment §    it happens only at night




§    it responds to five senses


§    it responds to the wholeness or totality of the person §    it responds to the sense of sight and touch
§    flirtatious game is the greatest pleasure §    quality time is the greatest pleasure §    sex is the greatest pleasure


§    it sees the idealistic side §    it sees the realistic side §    it sees the carnal side


§    it is self-getting §    it is self-giving §    it is self-serving


§    it is inconsistent §    it is consistent §    it is predictable at night


§    it gives insanity


§    it makes us a better person


§    it gives seduction





And to top it all…



unravels puppy love

love unravels

human love

lust unravels

pig love


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