nature’s bounty….


18 Great Ideas about Nature


1. Go for a walk. Look at the clouds, listen to the humming birds, smell the flowers,
feel the texture of trees and taste the fruits to see the loveliness of the world.
2. Nature is God’s doctor. Try to experience and connect with nature to heal ourselves.
3. Nature is Divine Providence made visible and tangible.
4. God is an Unseen Being who reveals His visibility through nature.
5. Solace is the companion piece of nature.
6. There’s no one else above nature as God’s reminder of overflowing generosity.
7. Nature is the beauty itself.
8. Nature is the symbolism of our existence from womb to tomb.
9. Book is a work of a genius and nature is a work of the creator of every genius.
10. Nature is the pursuer of God’s miracle.
11. Man has no right to seek for fortune by adultering nature.
12. Do not underestimate the force of nature for it can bring us into disaster.
13. Life is beautiful and there can be no beauty without nature.
14. Nature is the external physical world yet it is inner-directed to be pondered
upon its nature.
15. There’s a big relief that a great round of nature’s touch can offer us.
16. Nature is beauty… don’t just admire it. Defend that it is beautiful by not
exploring it too much.
17. To save humanity… one has to save the environment too for it plays a
great role in this world.
18. Environment- friendly people are beautiful people for they preserve beauty that
can be found in nature.



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