flowers and weeds……



Put On The FLOWERS— Put Out The WEEDS
confident —-shy
calm —-tense
smart —-dumb
energetic —-boring
joiner —-killjoy
humble —-arrogant
friendly —-hostile
mediator —-provoker
motivator —-complainer
optimistic —-pessimistic
encourager —-discourager
approachable —-unapproachable
merciful —-ruthless
tactful —-tactless
careful —-careless
constructive —-destructive
objective —-subjective
generous —-greedy
polite —-impolite
good sport —-bad sport
flexible —-inflexible
responsible —-irresponsible
organized —-disorganized
industrious —-lazy
disciplined —-undisciplined
simple —-complicated
contended —-discontented
excellent —-complacent
independent —-dependent
considerate —-inconsiderate
forgiving —-critical





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