avoid idolatry…..




People spend thousand bucks to look and stay younger, but eventually, they don’t know the essential. I would like to quote in the book of Saint Antoine de Exupery, “The Little Prince,” these lines, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Most of the times, what we value in life is not really valuable at all. We are troubled by trouble, worried by worry and pained by pain simply because we have idols. So what are our idols? They maybe attachment to power, status quo, wealth, beauty, etc. that underneath the surface is a poisonous and acidic destination.
IDOLIZING THINGS, IMAGE, ONESELF, PEOPLE, POWER, FAME, FORTUNE, PLEASURE, ETC. IS A SELF-IMPOSED PRISON WHEREIN BAD THINGS WILL EVENTUALLY HAPPEN. Why is that so? Imagine, we have given everything, exerted our effort and spent our time pursuing our idols. What if one day we lose one of them? It is like the end of the world where we lose the meaning of our life. Beyond the deafening silence of idols is a falsity of it that we miss the bigger picture of life. Thereby, we should find a home within. This means no matter how many people we love will have to leave us and no matter how much of our investment, position, power, etc. will be taken away from us, we are still whole and complete. Of course, we are broken but we are not totally devastated because we do not solely depend our happiness and worth on external forces.
Most people cannot look and stay younger because of idols. They embrace showy, pretentious and superficial life to prove their worth. Their game is all about winning and succeeding and their philosophy is, “the more money you have, the more acceptable, important and secure you become.” While this maybe true in dog-eat-dog world, they have become price-tags. They are much absorbed by labels in life wherein one’s worth and value depends on titles, positions, roles, wealth, etc. They measure people’s status by their dress, house, etc., measure intelligence by their speech and school they go into and measure attractiveness by their looks, color and clan. And true enough, the more they are attached to idols, the filthy older they become and they stay out of youthfulness. My dear blokes, for us to look and stay younger, let us dispose idols!


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