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It is said that we live in a multi-dimensional reality wherein we are here living in the moment, other aspects of our being are simultaneously existing in other dimensions at other time. This statement is so magnanimous and complex that many people will accept or reject this idea. But what is time, really? For me, time is passing of events. It happens freely, flows endlessly and slips away rapidly. Time metamorphoses us but it cannot be measured, possessed and controlled and we cannot turn back time.
It is the element in life that we cannot bring back that the ultimate and supreme wish of everyone is to have time machine or to be a time traveler. Unfortunately, that phenomenon only happens in science fiction movies. In contrast, according to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, it is theoretically possible to travel back in time if man can develop a machine that can travel faster than light. Well, that is everyone’s million-dollar question that the boundary among past, present and future is just easy through time machine.
If man can invent time machine or can become a time traveler, then there will be no longer regrets and setbacks in life. Man can correct mistakes and can do things over and over without saying, “I wish I could do that or I wish I could have not done that”. Young people, especially the students, workers and professionals should value time and develop time management. How?
Students should not cut classes. Avoid going to malls, computer shops and billiard halls, etc, during classes. These things are aimless and futile when done in improper timing. They should learn their grammar, history, literature, percentages, rhythmic, etc. well in school because they are weapons in the career they will have in the future. They should avoid failed subjects due to laziness or wrong doings.
They should finish schooling within time frame and be in the right sequence of studies. It’s embarrassing to be in 3rd year in high school when one is already 17 unless there are unfavorable circumstances to be not in school. They should study if parents can send them to school and they should enjoy the world of books, calculators, uniforms, etc. in the proper sequence of time.
Students should be in the right course. They should know their intellectual capacities, talents, skills and inclinations to choose rightly the course to get in college. One cannot bloom and flourish if one is not in the right course. He/she may waste his time learning or just learn subjects but not by heart. They should operate and work according to their natural gift and passion to be in the right place.
They should not downgrade general subjects like English, Filipino, Social Science, Mathematics or ROTC, NSTP or P.E., because without them, they cannot graduate. They should finish general subjects and thesis writing at once and avoid back subjects or underload units. As much as possible, whatever the listed subjects in the curriculum; should be taken and passed in the right sequence of time.
They should not only earn units in college or university but really learn. They should be part of extra-curricular activities and clubs that also harness their communication and social skills. Moreso, it is significant that they should attain high or satisfying grades to have brighter future. Grade point average may not be mandatory in finding job but the employers always want and prefer graduates who are fully-developed intellectually and socially.
Workers and professionals should develop time management to have time for everything. As a teacher, I realize that life sometimes is timed up and should be done at certain length of time because we cannot bring back the lost minutes and seconds. We should allocate time to gather and save resources and make money while still young. We should avoid wastage because every second counts in this competitive world. We should number our days and accomplish tasks at hand during work time.
Best of all, we should put God in everything we do because if we do, no matter how hundreds of undertakings we have, He can give us time for everything without a doubt. We should allow time for church time because there’s no other better activity than this. We should honor God supremely before anything else and offer worship time for His glory. However, church service is not just a mechanical activity. We should not just listen to sermon, read Bible, take notes, pray, sing and dance but worship Him continually without pause. It is thinking about Him constantly even in eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner), taking a bath, doing assignments, taking exams, going to work, exercising, reading books, watching TV., listening to radio, etc. In so doing, He can spare and stretch time for us to accomplish everything without hassles and frictions.

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