the power of words….


How grueling it is if we could never tell anyone else what we are thinking and feeling! So do talk…. Nevertheless, it is better to bite our lips and swallow the negative remarks than to utter hurting words. They are only WORDS but they have the power to make or break. It is of no avail that we have good oral health when we have sharp tongue and bad mouth. To be a winner in life, we should have them both.
Personally, I am convinced that there are things better left unsaid. Being honest and frank is good but we should consider the kind of people we are giving feedbacks or insights. Sometimes, we should keep our opinion to ourselves when not asked. We are not born in this world to always have side comments and criticisms and we should be slow to speak when we do not know the whole story. Moreso, we should not be brutally frank to never offend people.
We should be careful and cautious with our spoken words. We should avoid using coarse and offensive language. We should observe universality without bias or prejudices. We should avoid unintentional slurs, stereotyping of roles, cultures and nationalities. Words have vibratory effects. The words we utter may affect positively or negatively people depending on the words we say and the manner of deliverance. We should speak words of benediction and inspiration.
This place will be a better place to live in if we speak good words…. We always speak with a definite purpose in mind. Whatever motives or intentions every time we speak our mind, we should follow this case to case basis, “IT’S NOT WHAT WE SAY, BUT HOW WE SAY IT! Remember, the words we’ve spoken are injected into one’s unconscious mind. They may not remember the exact words but the emotion and atmosphere of the words are recorded and would recur, and playback as if it happened a minute ago. We should not only develop the gift of gab but also the gift of tact. Prudence, please! We should spread good words to other people.
Another thing is we should not talk too much when we mean horrible and tragic events, gossips or other person’s issues. If we keep on talking about those things, our energy might be drained because negative energy attracts negative energy. We may also enter into trouble if we indulge in gossips and backbiting. We should avoid talking too much about people because small minds talk about people all the time. When we cannot say that can make people feel good, shut up. We shouldn’t be quick with our mouth because words may make us closer or push away people. So it is the way of the winner to be wise on the choice of words and the manner of delivery and much wiser to avoid words that alienate us from people. Beyond it all, those words could either make or break a person. So it is very wise to


Not bad, quite good! Never FORGET this: TIMING! In speaking, TIMING SERVES AS A GREAT DEAL ON HOW COMMUNICATION WILL GO. We should ask ourselves pointedly, “HOW IS OUR TIMING IN COMMUNICATION?”. What is our tongue saying about us? No matter how good our intentions or motives in speaking, if spoken in wrong time, it won’t work out well. As persons, we should know when to speak or shut our mouth. For example, a world-renowned singer in a concert… if she sings her song in wrong timing even if she’s not off-key, her performance is not that praise worthy – (BRAVO) once and for all. I hope I don’t veered away a little too far…but folks, you get my point? In expressing ourselves, it’s not only the RHYMING but also the TIMING! When we want to speak words of wisdom and consider TIMING, follow this 3 T’S —–TRUTH, TEMPERANCE AND TERMINOLOGY!
Freedom of speech is not to speak as one likes. It should be worthy of utterance and listening to. We should understand that to (open or shut our mouth), these two approaches might be acceptable in a given situation. If we think that it’s better not to talk (when speaking one’s mind will aggravate the issue) then, SHUT OUR MOUTH. If we think that it’s better to talk (when moral or spiritual principle at stake and speaking one’s mind will alleviate the issue) then, OPEN OUR MOUTH. We should be assertive without being aggressive. Our assertiveness should be based upon self-esteem and high regard for others.
Our speech should descend to no cheapness and vulgarity. Also we should not talk or discuss issues until we know what we are talking about. There’s a big problem…it’s hard to know when to talk or not to talk… yes, indeed. Anyway, we have bigger mind and reason to discriminate the two approaches. Be silent when necessary, be outspoken when needed. We need to speak to be heard and to be silent to be appreciated. What are the signs to let ourselves shut or open our mouth? In freedom of speech, we should not speak careless words that can ignite a fight. We should not exaggerate facts to make them juicier or comes worse to worst, we engage in gossiping. Observe universality when using words. We should avoid biases, sexism, stereotyping of roles, culture, tradition and nationalities. Engage in topics that are worth- wasting salivas on but never engage in saliva-drenched topics that are destructive to one’s reputation. We shouldn’t be idle-mouthers who always talk but never say anything important and be bad-mouthers who engage in everybody’s talk of town but no one knows the truth.

Another thing about gossiping— we should not believe totally when we hear something negative and unverified about other people. Speculations and harsh judgments are destructive. We have no idea who really they are, don’t know them on personal level and where they are coming from. We don’t know the real story or the whole picture and we have no experience with them so it’s none of our business to meddle with their lives or give comments anything we want to say.
There are better things to do than to listen to unverified stories of gossip-hungry people. They just waste our time. We should not pry into other’s private life. No invasion of privacy please! Let us respect the privacy of other people because we are private persons. We should think hundred thoughts before we say a word… our unstoppable voices should stop us to think the limitations of freedom of speech.

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