the magic of growing old….

The Magic of Growing Old
Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid Growing Old
1. It sparkles inner beauty.
 Woman standing
 Sculpted face and body
 I want to know her
 She is the epitome
 Woman of inside beauty
As the years progress, we will find true beauty in growing old. It shows us the richness of getting into the top. Growing old is like climbing a ladder- there are challenges and struggles each step of the way. There’s no short cut in reaching the top. We have to climb the ladder that is full of thorns, needles and rocks. Finally, there is true beauty in the view from the top. If we don’t climb the ladder, we will never see true beauty in the top.

2. It shows full meaning in life.
 I have a jewel
 Beauty is where the heart is
 It is no great shake
 Hidden beauty’s best display
 If the inside has meaning

Life is so vast and fastidious. Growing old helps us reflect the meaning of our life. It is like a jewel which needs to be cut several times to be marvelous. There is pain in growth and growth in pain. Couldn’t it be that growing up is what meaning we put into it? In as much as it pains us to be purified, it is called growth. The meaning of life is to welcome pain until we are purified

3. It gives us wisdom.
 It has been measured
 Tested by humanity
 And been found wanted
 Growing old lies in the eyes
 Eyes of grace and purity


Growing old is caused by time. Allow time to let us grow and develop. Time is capable of making us matured persons. The experiences we have call forth wisdom… those experiences whether positive or negative teach us valuable lessons in life. Growing up thinking a day without lessons to learn is not much of a day… it shouldn’t be our life’s pattern. One way to grow old knowledgeable is to always reflect and re – assess our life.
Growing old… our face will wrinkle, hair will turn into grey or fall and our sensory organ and bone structure will decline. We start to feel our age when we feel too old to have bothered about the things we couldn’t understand before. We mellow down on such things and we’re no longer cute. When once we are young, now we have young ones. Is growing old scary and dangerous? Who wants to grow old when that rocking-chair philosophy always haunts us? Our erroneous society regards age as the determinant of beauty. We believe that age has monopoly on being attractive and sexy. We consult physicians, dentists, nutritionists, oculists and dermatologists to maintain our seamliness, sexiness and youthfulness.
We can deny or ignore aging but we cannot get away from it. It is a reality… it is a continuous process… we can never alter changes in life because the only permanent in this world is change. We should make the most of our age… because we will never pass this way again. We should anticipate the fruitful and meaningful years to come…only then, we can grow old gracefully. Twilight years is not a scourge, I bet!


Certainly the surest and perhaps the only wish of everyone of us is to stay and look younger. So much has been written about the fountain of youth in literature instilling into our subconscious mind the idea of being forever young. Contrary to that, we cannot be forever young because our cells up to our tissues and up to our bodies have their way to growth and maturity. Everything is impermanent and relative. We cannot live in an image forever. All we have to do is to accept change. Would we like to live up to 200 years?—– and still manage to look young? It only happens in fiction movies. But in reality, we can look fresh and young albeit the age if our body, mind and spirit are sound, healthy and pure.

So how can we look and stay younger? Here they are:
• Have healthy intestinal tract (balance of good and bad bacteria) by eating right kinds of foods and drinking pure and uncontaminated water.
• Drink more than 8 glasses of water and try to drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast. Only eat when hungry to flatten those bellies.
• Safeguard blood pressure, blood-sugar levels, weight and cholesterol by avoiding fats and sugars.
• Limit bad habits like overeating, too much smoking and drinking and exercising too little. Or better, avoid smoking and drinking.
• Achieve good hygiene. Always take a bath. Brush teeth. Maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
• Have a good sleep and enough rest. Take a nap if possible.
• Spend quality time with family.
• Go out and bond with co-workers sometimes. Have fun with good companions.
• Have a hearty laugh and continual feast of heart. Sing. Dance. Play. They are good to immune system.
• Shut and scream (without interrupting other’s privacy). It’s good to release tension.
• Join civic and church organizations. Be a productive and responsible citizen.
• Reflect life. Examine conscience. Talk and pray to God and worship Him all the time.



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