inside and out beauty

O God, Poor Me!
……….because I am ugly
My face and body are unsightly
I look at the mirror and hate the reflection it shows
I believe beauty is your selective bestowal as it goes
Poor me! I am ugly!

I do not like my appearance
I do not want to take my entrance
I wish I were never born that ugly
I need and want to be liked by many
…….But it was I who first disliked myself
God, how can I be beautiful?
My insecurities corrupt my beauty
I do not want to be seen by others
Image, it has a huge force!
I think I will melt
My fears haunt my worth
Change! I hope it will bring forth

I am scared to introduce myself
I feel I will die
Ugliness is my worst enemy
It weakens my trust
It makes me so lonely
We should not let other people comb our hair. We should not let this world be a stage where we are the puppet with people pulling our strings. Is life a meaningless quest for the approval of other people? Seek the approval of other people if needed but excessive need for approval is another. We should not be outer- directed. We should discard lazy mind. We should not be scatter-brained persons where we are easily influence by others’ point of view. We should have firm beliefs, opinions and convictions. We should not be nobody’s fool. We always think in hundredfold on what people will say too. We should not conform too much on what the society dictates to us as long as we have clear conscience. Society should not decide on what and how we should be and should do. We should separate true from false, fact from fiction, real from fantasy, important from trivial and what matters from what does not. We should be tough-minded people where we have firm beliefs and convictions yet have gentle choices and decisions.
Some of us think that BEAUTY can spare us success. Nope. It does not guarantee success but the charm is. Not all beautiful and handsome persons are successful. There are plain – looking persons but it seems that they have halos crowning their heads. We like to be with them because they make and feel us good. They are the persons as if we had always known them. As they held their gaze, it’s like they had known us for all eternity. They achieve great success in life. They are what we call “charming persons.” There are many things we would write if we could write a 40 volume encyclopedia about MODIFICATION. We always re – enact the Snow White scenario. We may hate or despise it but we can’t deny our appearance. We let ourselves be misguided by the concept of beauty. We always think that beauty pageant is the only venue where beautiful people may be found. We feel inferior and envy those to – die – for faces and bodies. We want to capture a picture perfect within ourselves. We hate to lose our beauty. We nurse a growing pain. We believe that there’s no way for us to be successful and there’s no space for us to be big because we are small. We become obsessed with moments of vanity. We worry about what can’t be changed. We curse our pimply, skinny or chubby, bad hair and zigzag stage. We crave to have drool worthy looks and smoldering vital statistics. For body physique, we want to change those extra large hips, short wasted figure and flat chest. Men want to have muscular arms, shoulders, chest, huge biceps and triceps, stomach flat, abdominal muscles more tight, pumped and ripped. On the other hand, it’s ugly to be beautiful only in the outside but not in the inside. Our world does not demand beauty in the beast but demand beast in the beauty. To make it simpler, a beautiful one is ugly if she has rough personality while a homely one is beautiful if she has pleasing personality. Yes, physical appearance is the first thing that attracts but if that’s all we are basing it on, it is not lasting. We should have inner dialogue to tell ourselves what we want to tell ourselves about true beauty. Physical beauty has taken its toll on us when what is called beauty is cosmetic surgery. Does God withhold beauty? A big no! God left none of us ugly. God created us unique. Unique, indeed that we have our own beauty- that inner dynamism which does not require external appearance all alone. Our inner dynamism tells us that we don’t know how beautiful we can be if we cultivate good quality and positive value in life. Let us discover our basic goodness in life and it will work wonders. We should not cultivate distorted and unhealthy vision of ourselves. It can affect our projection. The more we think we are ugly, the more inferior we become. The inferior we become, the unhappy we become. Do we want to be unhappy? We should make the best out of the genes we have inherited. We should love the way we look. We’re always going to be different from everyone else. If people like us because we look attractive and sexy, what kind of people are they? Shallow and narrow- minded people! We don’t have to be attractive and sexy all the time. That’s not possible because at some point in our lives, we have moments of ugliness. We have to expose them sometimes to test how we are accepted and loved even if we are not that tasteful. We will know the people who truly love and accept us just as we are. There are greater and lesser persons than we are… all have to do is… TO THINK and FEEL GOOD and DO GOOD TO OTHERS. So I bid farewell to my dreams of having celebrity looks to catch the men I’m dreaming about. I want to be ME not the illusory me!
There’s part of us that is attention – seeker. We want to arrive where people turn their heads to us with an awed silence, “where did he/she come from?” We want to be eye – catching and eye – popping…. Moreover, we don’t have to undergo plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Anniston or to starve ourselves to have the body of Pamela Anderson. We should not be over governed by the world’s opinion and desire for what only gives pleasure to the senses. It is much better to please God than other people. Beauty and sexiness might be something but they are not everything.
I have GOOD NEWS… we can be attractive and sexy…” but I have BAD NEWS…” it doesn’t come easily. Beauty is more of a habit. We need to train ourselves to be like” this and that.” There’s no quick fix to be gorgeous… Beauty is also the consistent care and discipline of our face and body. It requires high maintenance and good disposition in life. It is molded through the course of time. From cocoon to butterfly, oyster to pearl and ugly duckling to swan, they represent our beauty evolution… We should believe that we are mesmerizingly a sight to behold in our own uniqueness because we are designed by God to be beautiful.



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