total… totality…. totalitarianism…. abolished!


It is worthy of note to incorporate totalitarianism in today’s issues. Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state holds total control over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible. It refers to the structure and goals of the new state which was to provide the total representation of the nation and total guidance of national goals. It is a society in which the ideology of the state had influence, if not power, over most of its citizens.



This system politicizes everything spiritual and human. Everything within the state, nothing outside the state and nothing against the state. It seeks to mobilize entire populations in support of an official state ideology and is intolerant of activities which are not directed towards the goals of the state, entailing repression or state control of business, labour unions, churches or political parties. The officially proclaimed ideology penetrates into the deepest reaches of societal structure and the totalitarian government seeks to completely control the thoughts and actions of its citizens, Wikipedia (2015).


In as much, this form of government reminds us that we are all merely particles of matter that is part of a larger cosmic force. As minute elements of this interconnected and interdependent universe, human beings have the same intrinsic right to exist as anything else with dignity regardless of sex, gender, economic status, political and religious affiliations. This seeks to open up our eyes to our potential as a person and to contribute meaningful tasks to the tapestry of the universe.

More so, we as citizens of the world should indulge more on the societal

problems in order to illustrate national assertiveness and the sustaining power of love and brotherhood.

We as taxpayers of our government should bring out fragile experiences against the barbaric arbitrariness of government which may inspire people to uphold the dignity of the downtrodden and the powerless. We have the need to talk about issues on unjust social hierarchy and oppressive society which holds us even without chains. Thus, there arises the need for democracy and strong allegiance of people to fight for their rights.







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