charm… charmed… charming…



Adjust instead of abhor the most tense of circumstances

Befriend instead of bully other people

Create instead of criticize the trend

Develop instead of discourage other people’s talent and skills

Engage instead of expel social gatherings

Find instead of flaunt other people’s style

Greet instead of groan to all kinds of people


Hum instead of harry when under pressure

Invent instead of imitate mode and style

Juggle instead of jump to conclusion

Keep instead of kick off untried ideas on fashion and style

Learn instead of laugh at our own idiosyncrasies


Materialize instead of make believe to be a unique somebody

Nurture instead of nag interpersonal relationship

Offer instead of offend other people

Ponder instead of pause enhancing our style

Qualify instead of quit when people question our style

Radiate instead of reduce winning personality


Show instead of suppress fashion statement

Transcend instead of trespass delivering our sense of individuality

Undertake instead of undone winning personality

Visualize instead of vex newly – introduce trend

Win instead of waver other people’s business


Be Xtreme instead of Xterminated by our own trademark

Yield instead of yearn a desire for style

Be our target the Zenith instead of Zigzag


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