Filipino…….. I am proud to be part of this race… amazing by any measure, I am proud to be a Filipino and will continuously speak good things about being Filipino. Philippines, it is a very special place and so are its people and I am without a doubt proud to live here. The reasons?  They run as follow:

Physically speaking, Filipinos are beautiful and handsome people.  There are hundreds of thousands of attractive and sexy people in the Philippines. We are said to have the “KAYUMANGGI” (golden brown color) which Filipinos should showcase and extol our very own diversity.  Their tanned skin is delectably sexy.

Mentally speaking, Filipinos wear a brilliant crown.  We are smart, practical, resourceful, creative and intellectual people.  We are workers of the world.  We can find Filipinos anywhere and anytime in the world.  We are able to cope with different countries.  Are not sign of common sense and flexibility?

Emotionally speaking, Filipinos have tremendous emotional intelligence.  The proof…. we have once again been declared as one of the happiest people in the world.  We have a low scale in suicide ratings.  We have sense of humor and survival instincts despite the never- ending crises we encounter.  We experience typhoons, floods, rapid climate changes, food crises, lack of job opportunities, unresolved traffic, mistrusted government officials and leaders, etc. and yet we can still see hope. We can still smile in the face of adversity and I admire that positive outlook in life.

Socially speaking, Filipinos are warm, friendly and hospitable.  We make it a point to welcome and make visitors feel comfortable. We can also adapt to all situations and thrive everywhere in the world.

Spiritually speaking, Filipinos are faith-personified. Every time we have problems and difficulties, prayers become music in our hearts.  Our religiosity helps us to persevere and hold on to our trust in God.  Hopelessness is vague in us because we believe that God will always provide and protect us.

Filipinos, like any other nationalities, strive to have simplicity, modesty, integrity, love and elegance.  Let us pray that the Man Above will always guide and watch over us.

Oopps…. As it goes “nobody is perfect.”  Filipinos still have traits and values in life that are quite undesirable.  Can we think of a nation that is all perfect?  Mind-blowing?  Perfectly imperfect?  It certainly is!!!! These traits are all too-telling that Filipinos are one of the most beautiful persons on earth because they have beautiful souls.

Filipinos are scarred people because of the Spanish, American, Japanese colony and the existing political conspiracy. We endure pain so we acquire beautiful soul which is contrasting to seeking pleasure which only acquires beautiful body. We have suffered long enough and those who have suffered are usually the most beautiful people. Filipinos have integrated their life with beauty. It doesn’t matter what happens to us but how we act to what happens to us. It doesn’t matter what are our problems and burdens but what we can be out of our sufferings. Our life is beautiful because there are always challenges and impediments in our life. With our life’s challenges, we get to be beautiful what we have wanted to be.


             F   ilipinos at all costs are

             I    ndividuals… every step of the way are

 L   ovable… for myriads of reasons

 I …inspiring stories to tell

             P   ortrait of a man with honor

             I   would never change my being Filipino

            N   ation of complexities and beauties

 Oh…. Filipinos are God’s question and answer to humanity


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