A- Z Tips To Be Our Own Best Friend

“WE CANNOT GIVE WHAT WE DON’T HAVE.” This has been a worn-out cliché when people are engaged into deep and philosophical conversation. This holds true in dealing with our own self because we cannot extend ourselves when we are lost inside and when we are not in our full self. We cannot offer the gift of ourselves when we are hurting inside and in too much pain.
We cannot be a good friend when we are not friend to ourselves first. To be meaningfully connected with people, we should make our own self our best friend. Being a best friend to oneself also means accepting a whole range of relationships with promises of companionship, mutuality and happiness. My folks, we should start now reconciling with ourselves to fully experience the gift of friendship.


Always smile- We should always flash a smile to just about anybody else to capture people’s heart. A frowning face is an excess baggage.
Bring out the best in people- Helping others unleash and excel their faculties can build bridges.
Change the way we look (at ourselves). Physical appearance is a plus factor in attracting people but self-esteem scores big points than the latter.
Dance- Life is a stage floor. We should dance to the tune of life. Flexibility is a sign of maturity.
Enjoy life- Life has no guarantee. We can never tell the future so we should enjoy it while we have it.
Forgive the culprit- Forgiving is so, so, so (the point can’t be stressed enough) hard but it can get us wayward to heaven. Imagine life without antagonists or detractors!—that would be boring! Sometimes, we become stronger and mightier when we are challenged. They are the ones who block our way and demonize us and also serve as building blocks to our emotional maturity.
Greet old friends- Reconnect with our old friends and cherish the wonderful friendship we have shared with them.
Harness our talents- Undiscovered and utilized talents are bootless. We should whip up our very own masterpiece to be productive and prosperous.
Inspire people- We should inspire others to follow their feet and make a difference in this world.
Jump- Jump with abandon to celebrate the simple pleasures of life.
Kick- Be alive and kicking. Always be on the go and be up and about to life’s opportunities.
Listen- Listen to the sound of nature like birds’ chirp, cats’ meow, dogs’ bark, wind’s murmur, water’s drop, etc.
Mention merits- Mention the good deeds of other people and pass them on to others.
No grudge- Don’t harbor grudge because it’s one of the causes of ulcer, migraine, cancer, hypertension and other illnesses. When we forgive, we do a favor to ourselves because we let go of our bitterness.
Ostracize not the different- We should learn to accept the different or odd people because they spice up their life. Imagine if we’re all the same.
Put wisdom on experiences- We should charge to experience our agenda in life and gain the lessons from it.
Quest- We should embrace the quest for true friendships. We should love our friends and accept people who come along our way.
Render service- We should be service-oriented persons to become truly beautiful not only in the outside as well as in the inside.
Sing- Sing as if nobody is listening. Sing and sing with abandon because it invites people to sing with us too. It can help us get out of our shell.
Tolerate some mistakes- Tolerance and patience in a minimum infusion can tame the wild and barbaric ones. We should generate them for this world offers no instantaneous stuffs.
Understand- Understand others to be also understood. It will create an atmosphere of mutuality and affection.
Videotape in mind the good memories- The good old days should not stay buried. We should scroll down those memory lanes. Nostalgic moments are worth keeping a record of.
Wander places- Trade place where we could improve ourselves. We should take charge of our expeditions provided that the environment is conducive for growth.
X- amine our life- Unreflected life is as good as death. We should re-asses what is happening to us. It won’t help to make people fall in love with us when we don’t even know who we really are.
Yearn for transcendental experience- Getting and being spiritual can drive people to love us.
Zealously beautify ourselves- Beauty and sexiness are not everything…… but looks are something to possess. An iota of vanity should be dissolved because superficial beauty slips away rapidly. We should at least be presentable and well-groomed enough when we go out.DSCF7017

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