holo 2

What is the point of revisiting the pain and agony of the past? Why is past so powerful that people’s memories are embedded in it all the time whether it be consciously or unconsciously? Why do we always remember that events that we should forget? Certainly, human brain cannot forget. But what is the ethical implication of revisiting the horror of the past which is Holocaust? Does it have impact to young people who as surveyed that under the age of 35, most of them are ignorant about Holocaust?
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank depicts an episode in world history, both the degradation and nobility of human spirit. It describes the compelling impact of Anne Frank and the conditions of times she lived which offers fascinating commentary on nobility of spirit and hope equally so. She expresses them out fully which reflects that the Nazis could not take away her spirit.

Holocaust may become the fundamental course of study for thinkers and scholars worldwide in terms of literature. It expresses the human mind and heart which is full of scars and tears. Holocaust writers and producers may enchant the readers by casting spell of their unbounded imagination over us. In this sense, they inherit the true spirit of fascinating plot wherein it can get inside a character’s skin and sets us forth on their own terms.


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