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A book widens the reader’s imagination by taking them to new places and different situations and offers them the meaning of life from someone else’s eyes through the literary devices. Truly indeed, it renders them astonishing plots with heart-warming theme that eternally breathes to touch human spirit. Thus, it leads them to observe society from afar and lives of other people at other times and deepens their understanding of philosophy, history, politics, science, arts and culture across nations generations ago.
In its widest sense, a great book has the power to awaken in them a lively sense of pleasure and quickens their love for beauty, truth or goodness and therefore, it moves them to generous thoughts and noble actions. Within the same context, the dystopian contemporary novel, The Hunger Games Trilogy contains comprehensive course of life that provides lesson on literature and philosophy. It explores human values interspersing psychological, moral and social elements that Suzanne Collins provides for the readers.

Indeed, The Hunger Games Trilogy is engagingly-read, exquisitely-written and virtually-impressive. Had it not been so, it would not receive numerous literary awards like USA Today Bestseller , New York Times Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Publishers Weekly Bestseller, New York Times Notable Children’s Book of 2010, New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice, 2010 Booklist Editors’ Choice, 2010 Kirkus Best Book of the Year, Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2010 and NPR Best Book of 2010.
Hence, this study is initially conceived to understand the philosophical perspectives of the The Hunger Games Trilogy. This also intends to stimulate critical thinking and mold minds which allow young people to question government and how it affects their lives. True enough, Katniss Everdeen has become an icon on the researcher’s life for her characterization constitutes a deepening emotional overtone as reflected by Katniss’ struggle as a bread-winner and caregiver of her family.
More importantly, Katniss, the major character gets inside the researcher’s skin and sets forth on her own terms. In this sense, this study symbolizes what a young woman should be. It emphasizes strong female character alongside feminism to depict societal injustices and class warfare. Interestingly, this study signifies a feminist component that is elevating and liberating as portrayed by the female protagonist.

For this reason, this study is brought up to introduce Suzanne Collins as one of the young adult fiction novelists who created a niche of her own. It also attempts to unearth her experiences reflective of her literary principles. She manipulates stories excellently creating a maximum interest for the readers with emphasis on the characters. Her characters run deep and passionate who sublimate the injusticesand tyranny of a merciless and corrupt government as presented in Panem.


Brilliantly-poignant, the book series may produce a desired effect to the readers about moral redemption, courage and sacrifice the characters in the story offer.
With this in mind, this is how the study is conceptualized not just to analyze but scrutinize the philosophical perspectives in the book series. The purpose behind its inception is to undermine the philosophical indentations ranging from state of nature, war, celebrity, authenticity, sacrifice, altruism, moral choice and social class. This views the trilogy in relation to socio-political and moral situatedness whereas literature is philosophy enmeshed with philosophical framework and dimension. Best of all, this trilogy contains philosophical perspectives that take readers deeper into the story and move them to change one’s point of view and attitude in life.
Such an account of literature places its value in the philosophical perspectives the trilogy opens up to both readers and teachers. It clearly explains that the affective experience of reading the three selected novels may even possibly result in improved critical thinking and decision making. The trilogy, matter-of-factly does not shelter young readers from the bitter taste realities of the imperfect world but address sensitive global issues to create responsible adults. It may help to confront disturbing realities such as capitalistic avarice and exploitation aligned with the problems on identity crisis and media which will inspire to form future citizens who are socially and ethically conscious members of the society.

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