femme fatale… anima persona



1. A woman goes gaga over the stare of a good looking man.
2. A woman giggles and goes goo-goo eyed behind a good looking guy’s back. (That is so true of us).
3. A man should be appreciative when a woman finds him cute.
4. A woman prefers a real masculine figure. A sexy body with broad shoulders and flat abs.
5. A woman likes sporty men ala Toni Kukoc or Toni Hawk.
6. A woman thinks that a gorgeous – manly voice adds to the sex appeal of men.
7. A woman does not like men who talk too much and loud- (so unmanly).
8. A woman does not like men who talk dirty behind her back. Also, who kiss and tell.
9. A woman hates two-timer men. A bumblebee buzzing from flower to flower. A woman does not like to smell something fishy from a guy like having affair with the same sex.
10. A woman dislikes man’s rubbish tips such as excessive smoking, drinking or partying, etc.
11. A woman hates a man who finds himself irreplaceable acting like God’s gift to women.
12. A woman hates a man when he believes that sexual intercourse is just a recreational activity and it costs nothing.
13. A woman does not want a late comer guys. Gee, no to Filipino time.
14. A woman gets disappointed looking for Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right… Definitely Mr. Right… he is within the limits. No man is perfect.
15. In dating, a woman likes to hear from her date, “You look so fine.”
16. It’s pleasurable for women to be dined and wined in a fancy resto, bar or hotel but it’s not compulsory to us.
17. Scientifically speaking, roses and chocolates have effect on us. They help to begin to like our suitors. Hey, that’s not all and be all of wooing us.
18. When a woman constantly dates a man, it means she considers him as a potential boyfriend.
19. Sounds better, it’s flattering to hear from a guy, “you’ve grown a lot like a full fledge certified woman.”
20. Psychotic break as it may seem, but we crave for romantic men. (Is it an illusion?)
21. Don’t stop swooning and wooing us… a woman wants courtship every single moment with a sense of getting to know each other.
22. Wedding and honeymoon are the most romantic moments women ever declare.
23. Women rather go for a multi-talented man than Mr. Nerd.
24. We don’t want to be with no-brainer men but we don’t expect a way way up intelligent. We want men whom we can talk everything and anything under the sun.
25. When a woman says a prolong umm…conversation with a guy runs dry.
26. We want a feel-good humor. Men should crack jokes and act like a jester but should not appeal like a clown.
27. A woman finds it incredibly amazing for a man who does not pretend more than he is. If he’s poor, he tells he’s poor. No big deal to us.
28. We have non-verbal communication. We speak in codes and hide meanings when we say yes or no.
29. A man should know and regard her as a woman in nature- loyal, faithful, obedient and loving.
30. Treat our bodies as temples of God. They need not to be overexposed. Don’t treat us as men’s object. We are women who need to be loved.
31. A woman likes flirting but when she quits, her object of affection shifts to another.
32. When a woman keeps on flirting a man, it means that a man is too insensitive. Go man! Make the first move.
33. A woman wants a sounding board, not only a listening ear but true respect for what she says and feels.
34. A woman feels like drawn to a guy for a long time when there is the atmosphere of trust and maturity.
35. It’s nice for a man if he is well groomed and a woman finds him sexy. A bit metrosexual is enough. She raises her eyebrow only when he is overly prim-and-proper and when his eyebrows are bushier than women.
36. It’s okay for a woman to be a crying shoulder when a man expresses his feelings. It’s a macho point for him because he lets loose of his soft and vulnerable side.
37. A woman needs understanding when she becomes prejudice over some men. (As we all know, men are polygamous in nature). We just want to protect ourselves from heartbreaks.
38. A woman feels secure when a guy exclaims, “I care for you.”
39. A woman wants to be pampered like a lady but she hates superficial flattering.
40. It’s a girl thing for women to spend time with their make – ups, brushes, sliming fits, dresses, shoes, jewelries and romance movies and novels, so don’t bother them at the height of their deeds.
41. A woman does not prefer going all the way. She needs a slow down… a slow but sure act of expressing love.
42. That would be great for men when they don’t believe in double – standard. Women can do what men can do too. No discrimination please.
43. What a woman’s option on a lousy and boring relationship? … Breaking up or cool – off? Yes… cool – off maybe a man would get to change his way… (Women still give second chances).
44. Woman wants men who patiently wait for them. Women are self – conscious beautifying themselves in the front of the mirror. Hey… that kind of patience makes men real gentlemen.
45. A woman loves a man who recognizes her power to be beautiful and sexy.
46. We are like cats. Every inch is graceful and calent…purring… which makes us charming and irresistible.
47. We can be immaculately dove or deadly tarantula. Remember, all of us have darkness of human nature. Leave or love women, it’s up to men.
48. Friends are very important to us. They are the ones whom we share our common interests and values.
49. Women can and will do and give everything for the sake of love. Yes we love too much.
50. We struggle with our tumultuous emotions and mood swings- (talk about those annoying monthly period, pregnancy and menopause stage!).
The Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Women Should Deal
Mood swings encroaching our situation
Enslaving the taste buds because of appetite changes
Nerve-wracking are the dysmenorrhea and migraine
Sending signal to rest our body and spirit
Tension in every woman’s reproductive system
Ripping off the balance
Unsavory for a healthy spirit
Attributing that woman is a woman
Tough is the premenstrual hostility
Imperfectly perfect life as it is
Ovarian function as it should be
No other proof of womanhood


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