let bygones be bygones….


Recipe For Healing A Hurt
Self-knowledge Resilience
Self- control Prudence Hope Honesty
Wisdom Responsibility Love Strength
Counsel Patience Faith Humility Forgiveness

Oils and candles
Pen and paper
Canvas and watercolor
Compact disc and video compact disc
Books and Bible

1. Light up the aromatherapy candles and oils for self-knowledge, self-control and wisdom.
2. Drain all those negative emotions by letting them down for counsel, humility and prudence.
3. Paint something beautiful to add honesty, responsibility and strength.
4. Spice up those unresolved conflicts by watching movie or listening to music for patience, resilience and hope.
5. Put a flavor with the essence of inspirational books or bible for forgiveness, faith and love.
Mix them all together, wait until times are better and see what happens… By and large, all of them can help in one way or another.
Ideally, romantic affairs and marriage should be the unsinkable ship where it is ready to explore the oceans of love. Break-ups such as divorce, annulment and legal separation… are they the betrayal of marriage vow? Can they end conflicts? What are those pledge and promises for? Is it “till break-ups do us part?” or till death do us part?
Some broken heart people stop loving so they won’t be hurt again. They are cautious and hesitant to welcome another person to enter their lives. They close their hearts to never expose the vulnerabilities and hurts that’s in there. They close their hearts for what seems like eternity falling in love again. I put myself into their shoes and I understand their dilemma.
I pray that they can move on and find love again. I salute people who don’t give up on love and start all over again. I admire that they continue to love again despite the predicaments. It’s very risky to open our hearts again because once we open it, anyone could come in – and that anyone could blind, cheat, sabotage and hurt us.
Many people say that when we love, we must expect and prepare to be hurt. Well, I say, we can never get through with life without getting hurt. Does loving someone should cause us pain? Does love means, “I love you in spite of the pain of loving you” or “I love you because of the happiness you bring?”


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