Do we really value our human sexuality, that is, the fact of being male or female? Do we have responsible expression of our human sexuality? Sex and sexuality are somewhat of an oxymoron. They have open-secret agreement and unseen sight connection. Why some people abuse the gift of sexuality?
Here are the examples on how people abuse the gift of sexuality. This is a point of view of a Christian Roman Catholic within the dogma of our religious beliefs.
It is said that when we commit a sin everytime we have sexual fantasy or lust after a man or woman. If so, we as a sexual being at low or higher degree already commit a sin. Sexual fantasy becomes a capital sins (lust) when we become obsessed with sexual thoughts or desire and when our whole life is preoccupied with sexual fantasy all the time. Remember the movie “American Beauty?” Lester makes contact with Angela through his illusory nature having fantasy within fantasy about her. Looking at Angela as a beautiful and lovely young lady is a natural attraction for every man like Lester but looking at her lustfully- striping off her clothes is another.
Think it over; when, we’re around with the one who holds the knife, we shouldn’t act like a pig. Lester is a man and Angela seems like a beautiful pig being his sexual prey. In connection with it, too much masturbation also abuses our gift. When we stimulate, flirt and have sex with ourselves and neglect our major concerns, then we spoil this gift. It also manifests that we have no control and we ignore the preservation of sexual activity with another person.
Cyber sex, bold movies and pornography are usually visually explicit materials that promote Satan’s works. Those human bodies and genitals in display is a hottest commodity nowadays which spoils chastity and decency. They are evil attendants to lure us and distort our view of sexuality…..reducing persons to sex objects. Hence, they abuse the gift of human sexuality. People who provided this type of materials, as well as who acted in XXX films and posed in porn magazine should not tell that it is for art’s sake. That’s so capricious. It is for human’s sake. We should not turn to profit selling materials that reflect the exploitation of our sexuality.
Prostitution and indecent proposal also abused the gift of human sexuality. How about men? How can they get what they want when sex is what they want? They use sex to narcotize their tensions and anxieties. They want sex especially when they are in tough-rough days. They want to escape from something and they become sexaholic.
Remember, Paris the Prince of Troy? He chose his body, the instrument for pleasure and the most beautiful mortal woman over power and wisdom. He was not motivated by power and wisdom, but was ennobled by bodily pleasure. Women abuse their body to satisfy their shopaholism and men abuse their body to satisfy their sexaholism.

They dehumanize people by succumbing to animal appetite. These forms of casual and spontaneous sex really abuse the gift of human sexuality. Another offense is too much sex drive….. leading to irresponsible parenthood or abortion. Some people just to satisfy their sexual urge, in any and every form resort to prostitution (adlib sex or sex for sale). Their too much sexual drive drives them to be self absorbed. When new life begins, easy abortion becomes the option to get done away from the responsibility.
Our body produces a number of chemicals when we are in love. Our sexual currents are mercurial and intense as if we want to suck face of random who. We enter a state of pseudo-intimacy when we feel we are in love. Two people who fell in love with one another often fall into bed. Is it the right way to value the gift of sexuality? They have had sexual intercourse before marriage. They engage in it without the thought of responsible parenthood. Premarital sex is lesser evil than promiscuity (multiple sexual partners) if love is the reason. Does promiscuity help us in finding our true partner? Is promiscuity healthy and capable of great love? It is also associated with extramarital affairs. When a married person had an affair with another married or unmarried person, chances they are not happy and satisfied with their married life?
Does it serve a good reason to have illicit affair wherein sexuality and sanctity of marriage is also abused? Infidelity or adultery also abuses this gift. Being sexually unfaithful is cheating and it hurts persons involved in relationship. When a married person has sexual liaison with another married or unmarried person, he/she does not only abuse this gift but also desecrate the sanctity of marriage.DSCF8144

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