a rap song that never was….

A Rap Song That Never Was
Hey listen, I’m no David
but I’ve got gems of thoughts to feed
I’m not David Beckham who plays football
But I can have a tough ball
I’m not David Duchovny who’s a poet
But I can have a deep mind set
I don’t have the sex appeal of Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson
But I am the king of my world and I have a rap song
See, I am a family man to my very best
I strive to possess a love that’s measureless
I pray to have a healthy relationship with one another
Who would have thought a bond and love that never falter?
I hope to give my kids a moral backbone
Dignity and integrity will be the lyrics’ tone

Though hard dude, I’ll set good example
Our abode will be likened to a temple
Childrearing is the many sides of parenting
My hormones get swing, swing and swing
My dear bloke, it’s no joke the play I role
I don’t choke to unite my body and soul
I do love my wife for such and such
I do love my kids all that much
Let’s roll on the floor and slam the door
Family is a heaven-appointed endeavor
This rap song I compose is to be meant
I am human but I am still bent

A struggling parent who wants to demonstrate
A wholesome image to his kids who observe and imitate
I want to leave a happy memory lane
When my kids grow up, they are still sane
My wife’s not just my kissing buddy or sex partner
She’s my destiny, soul mate and significant other
No one wants, needs and loves her like I do
She has many positive values to live up to
Repeat Chorus
We disagree to agree in some major issues
But we still see into each other’s shoes
Our conflict is opportunity to let go and move on
We try to understand and let bygone be bygone
We live in real world and don’t collect the moon and stars
We’re in our senses to heal our hurts and scars
We always evaluate what went wrong
To make our matrimonial too strong

Like a pro-active one, we see positive in the negative
As parents, we learn and live to be that effective
Everytime we have pain and strain
We just relax and sip champagne
Our commitment carries an uncompromising will
It’s not how we feel but how we deal
We’ll make the romance keep on burning
We’ll always be singing and dancing
Sounds ideal, yes, we listen to the gospel

Our kids will never cease to say, ‘love you mom and dad’
Our family will give honor and glory to God
To spread love is the purpose of our existence
To obey the Masterful Plan is life’s essence
I really don’t know how to end this rap song I made
So here it goes, the rhyme and tune slowly fade

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