books to be tasted and digested……

It is my belief that human body is capable of getting better the more it is used so as to the mind when it is more exercised, the more it is sharpened. World-class writers’ works deserve to be read and appreciated. Books should be palatable and digestible in order for us to absorb all those words of wisdom. We should be exposed to great minds. What are books for if not for the sharpening of the saw? Books are guaranteed to inform, entertain, stimulate, enlighten, challenge, ignite, move, inspire, heal and help us. But how can we properly digest if books are translated? Does it have a faithful reproduction of the original? Truly so, the article comments:
If we accept the views of translation as the creation
of a new work of art and language as dynamic,
then translations cannot be held only to the test
of fidelity. In making this argument, Walter
Benjamin further asserted that translations enter
into the literary history of their target languages,
informing and even transforming them.

I noticed that some books turned into movies have been revised into another do not entirely produce the original. There are revisions of the characters, plot, setting and compressing them into movie does not present the authentic work of the writers. The new version of those literary works alter them in a lesser and higher degree depending on how the translator digested the original. Thus:
In modern times, a national literature reveals its
power of renewal and revival through the quality
and number of its translators. More than that,
he goes on to claim, translation can illuminate,
compelling the original, as it were into reluctant
clarity. It can paradoxically reveal the stature of a
body of work which had been undervalued or
ignored in its native guise.

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