Empty Ground by Canneti


Having worked and being in academe for several years taught me valuable lessons that books won’t do so much than that of experience. I observed that some people, for them to survive have used other people. They befriended people whom they can get what they want and be successful. Nonetheless, we should not prostitute friendship in order to find success in life. No self-vested policy in friendship should be the guiding principle in life. “Use things and love people; not use people and love things” because true success won’t slip into our lives if we are users and opportunists type of people. These lines support my interpretation on Canneti’s article:
The fear to be touched highlights a primary need that,
according to Canetti, characterizes men as animals:
the need of survival. Survival, therefore constitutes
the border between life and death and then it is also
the unity of distinction, the dividing line that allows
to understand the difference between crowd and power.
Canetti employs the concept of survival, however,
to indicate not only people who obey a power, but also
people who hold it. He indicates, therefore, the two
side of power and right. In fact the concept of survival
explains not only paranoiac and destructive power
that wants to survive to everybody, but also the intuitive
and universal need of those who’ll never experience the
power, but only the hope to survive, to thicken the
fence that separates life and death.

Similarly, I believe that our real struggle in life is to prove ourselves. We always compare ourselves to other people that’s why we are dissatisfied most of the time. We need to be content with life and foster uppermost gratitude even for the simplest things in life. We need to be thankful with what we have and be hopeful for the things we wish to have.
Hence, we should embrace self-motivating and life–enhancing activities. We have to go an extra mile if we want to acquire something in our life. We should detest complacency wherein we are already contented with what is good enough. Believe that there is no limit we can improve the quality of our life and we can achieve greater heights. However, we should not be over-driven by tangible materials and financial success. Remember that real happiness comes from within not from outside forces.
Additionally, the lines from his article personify every struggle of each
one of us.
Every struggle is related to death, biological and
spiritual. That’s why in the matter of death Canetti
argues: “I think it is useless and wicked as always,
it seems to me the primeval evil of all what live,
unsolved and incomprehensible, the knot in which all
is hold and tight from time immemorial and nobody
has dared to cut”.


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