The paradoxical use of lies as a means to gain access to the truth, which always also turns out to be another fabrication, manifests itself throughout the work. Absolute truth remains elusive. In each of the several stories, a lie or illusion is exposed, but that which is uncovered is not necessarily more genuine.
These are the thoughts that came flourishing in my mind when I read the analysis on Lies and More Lies… In essence, on a purely human level, people may love or hate me or may accept or reject a certain part of my personality but this is all what it entails coming to terms to be true to oneself. With this in mind, I decided to be willing to expose myself to criticisms and challenges just because of what I believe in. However, I question myself…. How do I know that I know what I know? Are they rival sets of facts or just my unredeemed illusions in life? Or what I know is something else entirely?

On the other hand, his frequent use of time stressing the past, present and future shapes his works verbal density enabling each word to attain fuller meaning. This is all what I can say about his theme on time. It is said that we live in a multi-dimensional reality wherein we are here living in the moment and other aspects of our beings are simultaneously existing in other dimensions at other time. This statement is so magnanimous and complex that many people will accept or reject this idea. But what is time, really? For me, time is passing of events. It happens freely, flows endlessly and slips away rapidly.
Time metamorphoses us but it cannot be measured, possessed and controlled and we cannot turn back time. Gunter uses time to explicate his point in writing his theme and message delivering a fine spirit of a true artist.

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