who is alfred nobel?


It was streamlined on May 12, 2012 on Youtube account which gleamed the motivation of Alfred Nobel to discover dynamite and reiterated the Nobel Peace Prize Award’s objectives. I am a big believer that we can create something great and noble out of something. As it is narrated, Alfred became an assistant to Sobero, a chemist whom he drew his fascination for natural science that led him to the discovery of a dynamite. Out of nitro-glycerin, we can see that there is no original idea and all are conceived by someone and improved by somebody else. So that is what Alfred did.
However, this was not easy. He had undergone several trial and error methods and worst, even taking his brother’s life. For others, they would give up in numerous attempts to discover the chemical elements that can be combined to create something but he is not a quitter. Nevertheless, this does not stop him to pursue what he had started paving the way to his breakthrough as a successful inventor as well as entrepreneur. Truly indeed, great men’s achievements should be emulated for creating something really costs time, effort and investment including the financial and emotional investment.
That dynamite manufactured in stick form can literally move mountains and as such, moved his life into another step. That step is his way to financial ladder and recognition as a great individual in the field of science. He had 355 patents across the globe that gave him money, fame and prestige. As time passed by, he was known for manufacturing dynamite which was used in military and war that brought him political difficulty. He secretly and actually detested war which in fact, quite ironic because he invented dynamite. Probably, that is the paradox of life. Some things are invented for a greater good but eventually can be a way to destroy. Just like technology, it was created to make humanity’s life faster and easier but can also be created to unleash negativities like immorality and illegal tasks. For some, Nobel is the King of Dynamite but for him, he is the Patron of Science, Culture and Peace. Moreover, his legacy continues across nations because of Nobel Peace Prize Award which motivated people to excel in numerous fields to help build a good life and a redeemed society.


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