the god of story-teller……

2There is an innovative and reflective spirit in the hands of Edgar Allan Poe when he brought to life his short stories. Psychological in nature, with touches of gothic and horror, his works display a certain amount of his personality and character. His tone and mood is deep, complex and thought-provoking shaded by his assured competence and impeccable taste. Hence, this study is initially conceived to understand E. A. Poe and his selected short stories. It attempts to unearth his experiences reflective of his literary principles and techniques.
Thompson 1998), commented, Poe and his works influenced literature in the United States and around the world, as well as in specialized fields, such as cosmology and cryptography. Poe and his work appear throughout popular culture in literature, music, films, and television. A number of his homes are dedicated museums today. The Mystery Writers of America present an annual award known as the Edgar Award for distinguished work in the mystery genre.
Traces of Poe’s influence can be seen in the writings of such diverse authors as Jules Verne and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Arthur Conan Doyle and Ray Bradbury, Charles Baudelaire and Allen Ginsberg. (His writings have also been translated into every major language. One Japanese author and critic so greatly admired Poe that he changed his own name from Tarö Hirai to Edogawa Rampo.) This influence has not been limited to the written word. Such artists as Gustave Doré, Arthur Rackham, and Édouard Manet have illustrated his works. Sergei Rachmaninov, Leonard Slatkin, Philip Glass, and many others have composed musical tributes. In an interview published in 1960, Alfred Hitchcock, the great movie director, commented that it’s because I liked Edgar Allan Poe’s stories so much that I began to make suspense films.
For this reason, this study is brought up to introduce Edgar Allan Poe as the Father of Detective Stories with emphasis on his psychological terror and mystery found in his writings. His fictions are colored by all dark tints of luxurious imagination wherein he calculates intelligently the psychological effects to his readers. The development of his plot is well-handled and constitutes a deepening emotional overtones accentuated by powerfully-imaged setting. They are of striking interest and unforgettable plot. He manipulates stories excellently creating a maximum interest for the readers. The plot and character proceed at a breathless pace and still delivers a delicate sensibility which is illuminated by its texts. They are engagingly-read which trace certain lines of his manifold human experience and bring out his struggles and tears in life.
His stories show his unsurpassing skill in writing that brings out a different side of portraying a character in a story. In some inexplicable way, his themes are flooded with angst, pain, madness, loss, defeat and death. Central themes of his other works are about psychological terror and mystery which always keep within the range of his knowledge and experience. Moreso, it excoriates a complex and wide sensitivity and a time-honored device within the bounds of literary canon. Hence, a one great writer he will always be who can influence many writers to develop a unique and original style in writing.
Outstanding and marvelous, there is a literary masterpiece attached to his creations. Highly-emotional in tone with touches of detective story and horror is the distinct quality of his creations. His work is an eloquent testament of his greatness as a writer. That is because it constitutes lyric power which transcends beyond time and space. His sharp sense of mystery as well as psychological terror is revealed in his writings. In effect, he is a writer of high substance who contributed much to the literary genre of his country.
Principally, this study describes the compelling impact of Edgar Allan Poe and the conditions of times he lived that shaped him as a tremendously great story teller. His short stories may become the fundamental course of study for thinkers and scholars worldwide in terms of literature. They express the human mind and heart which is full of scars and tears. In this sense, they inherit the true spirit of fascinating plot wherein it can get inside a character’s skin and sets us forth on their own terms.
There is much learning in it which contains comprehensive course of life that provides us lesson on psychology and literature. It explores human values interspersing psychological, moral and social elements. For this reason, this is how the study is conceptualized to study the psychological terror and mystery found in his writings.


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