faith or fate?

Is it Faith or Fate to:



Follow the unknown to discover the truthfulness of truth?

My world is peopled by myriads of undertakings and most of them are unknown to me. Is life a sincere joke or a playful trick? My life revolves and rotates inside out with the existence of unknown things. As a young fellow, I am fond of watching t.v. series like Buffy–The Vampire Slayer, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven and Roswell. The earthbound Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby) from Roswell (alien-inspired series) opens my mind about  what is real and what is not. She learned that her life suddenly changed when she met Max Evans (Jason Behr) an alien.

When she narrated, “we don’t have to be afraid of the unknown,  —realization sprung in my mind— “the newness of our life always surprises us.” The impermanence of life is the constancy of the world and the unknown always knocks at our door.

Does faith bring me to go somewhere else, walk the aisle of uncertainty to discover and tempt the unknown?


Allow my mind to cast no shadow of doubt?

Life means all that it ever meant. I don’t have to ask the meaning of life because it is not answered in fulfillment. It is answered when set into action… the meaning of life is to mean its meaning. No one is completely without doubts and uncertainties looking for life’s meaning. Let us listen to the song “Shifting Sand” by (Caedmon’s Call), “and like I can simmer I’ve been thinking if I could just get a little bit more. More than my fifteen minutes of faith, then I’ll be secure… my faith is like shifting sand changed by everyway”…

This stimulating song reawakened my slumbering heart. I am always in search for security and assurance in life. “Shifting Sand” really has its way reawakening me. Truly, life has no guarantee unless I have an irrepressible faith.

Does faith bring me to accept the worst and hope for the best to live my life inspite of doubts and uncertainties?


Insist the Maker’s will to decide my life?

Life is a never-ending why. It has its own magic to learn the will of the Man Above. Things do not happen by chance and their purposes are yet  to be unfolded. My life is in the process of unfoldment and it is made and designed by the Great Maker. I am music-oriented and I’m into alternative rock. I Like Creed, Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Oasis and Third-Eye-Blind and this Christian rock band, Vertical Horizon, provokes me about their hit song “You’re a God!” Cause you’re a God and I am not, and I just thought that you would know.”

The lyrics provoke me to analyze myself when it comes to transcendental matter. I think God is not an instant God. He is not an answering-machine God that for every doubt I clarify, there is an instant reply. The things I ask don’t happen overnight. With this in mind, we need to have faith.

Does faith bring me to comprehend and discern my capacity to surrender myself and empower His will?


Turn to incomprehensibilty of my human nature?


Life is far from ordinary. Life itself is incredible than our imagination. There should always be a mystery and with life’s mystery, requires a magnitude of faith. Let us watch “American Beauty!.” It’s a must-see movie. This kind of movie inspires me because of its giant appeal and mature touch. It’s about a man who has a sort of the rebirth in his life.

The mystery of life seems unclear to him. As he goes through the course and kaleidoscopic journey of his life, he realized how precious and mysterious life is. If the mystery of life keeps us bored, then what is in store for us? If boredom drains us, faith is highly recommended. Faith is the answer for us to believe in God’s untold reply of mystery.

Does faith bring me to be excited about life despite the daily grinds and mundane of life?

Hanker the masterful footsteps to fear no interruption?


Life is not a destination, it is a journey. For those who are voracious readers, I suppose they know one of the masterpieces of literature—- the “Illiad and Odyssey.” This work written by Homer reminds me that life is a journey.  As we know, Ulysses left Ithaca for ten years because of Trojan War. There are lots of startling events he encountered returning to his home.

The time he spent and the places he traveled don’t really matter but the adventures he had encountered and the trials he had surpassed. There are life’s interruptions and blocks and with their challenges, faith is the invincible weapon to journey through our lives.

Does faith bring me to set aside my destination and focus my journey with courage and strength?


All my life, living the 25th year of life in this world,  I am a big believer that FAITH is all about turning doubt into hope, worry into worship and pain into gain. It is believing into something unbelievable beyond reason.  It is holding onto miracle when life is in a constant upheaval…. It is still waiting for His promises when the world is so cruel and unkind… It is believing in Him when our inner demons deceive us… It is fighting all those inner demons lurking us. Best of all, it is calling Him to rescue us from all those evils….


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