make a lot of good friends…..







   F acing different personality is

   R eally risky to come by

   I nspiring us to be flexible and well-rounded

   E xcitement and confusion we encounter

   N ever say never

   D ribble ourselves with sincerity





 Do we really need friends and companions? Yes definitely! There’s a friendship factor which repacked our life in a tightly whole package that tells us we need to make a lot of good friends.

We are social beings who need companions and friends because connecting and interconnecting with people can give profound and everlasting meaning into our lives.

Friendship, first of all, is sharing the gift of oneself and extending one’s interests and values in life. It is a covenant wherein both friends are accountable for one another. It is helping each other in times of distress and trouble as well as celebrating each other’s victory and triumph.

               So how can we seek friendship?


Show interest to people.

There’s nothing more sweet, delightful and caring to know that others show interest in us. We should easily make friends and turn our acquaintances into real friends because we need friends. From a human viewpoint, we all crave to be known and appreciated in the context of a greater, more and whole relationship. We all want that people take time to know and show interest on our being just the way we are. However, we should show sincerity when we do that. We just don’t show interest on others for them to show interest in us back. It should be free, spontaneous  and comes out naturally.

Open up.

We should be transparent because openness begets openness. Revealing ourselves to people can make them open up to us in return. In both cases, we get to know them more and knowing them more is the start of a beautiful friendship.

However, we don’t just open up to anybody for there are people out there who are false friends and inversely; we don’t just close ourselves to anyone we don’t know yet because they maybe potential real friends.

We need to scrutinize and choose people whom we can become friends with. We should observe their value system and the things that they do and enjoy in order to choose our friends correctly. It is all about taking risk and discerning who is who to find true friends.


Show care and concern.

What’s the secret to make people draw closer to us and care for us? —- It is by showing that we need and love them. It is telling them that they are needed and loved. I strongly believe that these are the concrete actions we can do in so doing. We may invite them in any social gatherings. Also, being present at each other’s special moments, giving them gifts in their special occasions, visiting them when they are sick, cheering them up in times of problems and just attending to their needs signal a meaningful relationship. It is all about making oneself available and reachable to strengthen the bond.


Participating in their life’s agenda really instills our humanness that we need people. We need to seek connection because we need people around us to be happy and joyful. We need people to be happy because too much aloneness can give us loneliness. Inviting them into our space and time and sharing one’s blessings can strengthen the bond we create. We should  stay connected whether it is ups and downs and highs and lows moments of life.

We should also spend quality time with our friends in order to have memories to look back as we get older.


Become Trustworthy and Loyal Friend.

Trust begets trust and with trust, springs forth loyalty. Honesty is required to gain and maintain a deep friendship so we should be trustworthy. It is when something intimate or complicated is being shared to us, we keep them to ourselves. We should be faithful even in smallest things in terms of friendship. We should always be at our friends’ side especially in sad moments and we should not turn against them.

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