Architecture in Poetry

What caught my attention about this Greek poet is that he bounced back after severe pain and sorrow. Based on the article, he suffered nervous breakdown and was forced to spend two months in bed. That’s terrible and horrible. I realize that to avoid nervous breakdown, we need to train our mind to have positive spirit within. It is a driving force in life unclogging our creativity, diversity and spontaneity. Life is beautiful and we should savor the moment and focus on the things we love to do.
In what become a recurring technique in Elytis’ poetry,
landscape is infused with sentiment and becomes a
projection and celebration of the human body.
In the “Garden Sees”, the poet reaffirms his conviction
that art is a force that creates life. His multi-faceted style
of writing along with his lucid theoretical formulations
earned him an enduring place in modern Greek literature.

Definitely, this tells that he advocates Surrealism and Freudian theory. Visual depictions of his poetic images have lucid philosophical concepts and emotionally-charged images. Aegean landscape and seascape later significantly influenced his poetry. Architecture in poetry and impact of emotional wounds in his works states the refusal of the poet to succumb to the weight of oppression and presents his resistance to whatever violates the free expression of the human spirit.
Nevertheless, he is a true blue poet who encourages free expression. Best of all, his poems celebrate the beauty of the natural world and its prevailing spiritual dimension.


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