Labyrinth of Solitude

The Labyrinth of Solitude creates Nobody, by denying
Somebody’s existence, is also changed into Nobody.
And if we are all Nobody, then none of us exists.
The circle is closed and the shadow of Nobody
spreads out over our land, choking the Gesticulator DSCF7472
and covering everything. Silence -the prehistoric silence,
stronger than all the pyramids and sacrifices,
all the churches and uprisings and popular songs-
comes back to rule over Mexico.

Octavio Paz, with how he worded powerfully his works is no doubt a controversial and interesting writer. Labyrinth of Solitude is something of a mystery in the existence of Nobody and Somebody. Upon interpreting it, I realize that his piece cries out for something we need to know about ourselves. It is about conquering ourselves and how silence helps us in hearing what needs to be heard.
In conquering ourselves, self-talk is the key to open our inner mind and inner soul. Self-talk is about silence that brings us into right path of analyzing and assessing our life. The world is so loud that we cannot hear little silence. Certainly, we need to be alone to hear our silence. It is in aloneness we can feel our inner silence and we can have an open and unabashed communication with ourselves. It is a soul-searching session with God where we evaluate how we live our life.
Labyrinth of Solitude for me means that we are all Nobody who need Somebody. And that Somebody is the Man Above. Every fiber of our existence is written in God’s will and every breath we take is produced by Him. It is because He encompasses everything in the universe. He is there even in smallest microscopic form of life up into the Milky Way. If we choose to devote our life to Him, Divine Guidance will be in our system. We will never be lost in the race of life and we will be Somebody in His eyes.

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