Silently, let us review our life and
ask ourselves the following questions:

• Who am I?
• What is the purpose of my existence?
• Who are my friends and enemies?
• Who are the sources of my happiness and loneliness in life?
• Who are my inspirations that keep me soaring and my distractions that keep me sinking?

• What do I really want in life?
• What activities in life that I really enjoy?
• What are the things people openly say about me?
• What is my standard of true friendship?
• What are the reasons why I got irritated and angry?
• What are my problems that hinder me from growth and success?

• Where is my truest home?
• Where should I go to enrich my natural gifts and potentials?
• Where should I share my blessings to others?
• Where will I go when I am feeling blue and lost?
• Where is my insecurity coming from most of the time?

• When do I know that I am truly intimate with a person?
• When is the right time to fall in love?
• When should I open or close my heart to a person?
• When should I say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to opportunities in life?
• When do I feel accepted or rejected?
• When is the limit of my temper?

• Why should I treat people around me as God’s treasure inspite of their imperfections?
• Why do I do the things that I do?
• Why do I belong in my family?
• Why do I need friends and companions?
• Why do I need to please lots of people?

• How do I perceive myself in front of others?
• How do I deal with the same sex as well as with the opposite sex?
• How knowledgeable I am to my own strengths and weaknesses?
• How important the word ‘gratitude’ is to me every time I open my eyes for another day?
• How much vigor is there in me each day despite that I do the same things over and over?
• How do I regard the ordinary day with extra-ordinary touch and how excited I am to life’s surprises?
• How open I am to the impermanence of life and strong I am to its storm and stress?
• How do I welcome people who will cross my path and how will I turn my enemies into allies?



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