Super Vanity Attracts and Super Inferiority Attacks. In the words of the poet Emily Dickinson, “BEAUTY IS NOT CAUSED… IT IS….,” If beauty is not caused… is what? Many people are disillusioned by worldly-inspired craziness. We have distorted view of beauty and we think it is all there is to it. We have unquenchable thirst for beauty. We like things beautiful and we like beautiful things. The smorgasbord of our erroneous society tells us that if we’re ugly, we’re out! Better hide our face. Really? Whoever said that should go home with his/her big gorilla nose because we are all genuinely beautiful human beings in our own terms. We’ve been fooled by the epitome of a beautiful and handsome person. Cosmetics, make-ups, accessories, fashionable clothes, shoes, slimming pills, surgeries…… name it and the list on how to be beautiful and handsome could go on and on. “I want to be beautiful and striking like a beauty queen,” confesses a girl of my age. I cannot deny the fact that I’ve wished the same thing more than one. Who does not want to be beautiful and handsome? However, most of us have the picture of vanity and inferiority about beauty. How so? Read on…. Vanity attracts us. We spend thousands or even millions to have self-modification. We go under the knife to replace our fried-egg boobs with marvel-sized boobs. Vanity for me means making ourselves beautiful and handsome only in the physical level. We think that being like that is the best way to be included in the group or any social gatherings. We are enticed with what the fluctuating world tells us to be. We conform to the world’s standard and become sad and discourage when we did not turn out to be beautiful and handsome the way we wanted to be. Anyway, let’s think and feel beautiful. No one will do it for us except ourselves. Inferiority attacks us. Inferiority for me means convincing ourselves that if we are not beautiful or handsome, our life is in a dungeon and there’s no reason for us to be confident and smart. If we are too thin or too fat, too short or too long, have flat breasts and buttocks, big belly, bulging eyes, protruding nose, extra large mouth, zigzag teeth, dry or sallow skin, and many physical defects and ugliness, we can’t be happier than the beautiful and handsome persons can be! Are not the indications of poor self-esteem? Do we really value our personhood? Best of all, we should think and feel beautiful because we are created in the image and likeness of God. It is a fact that no one can oppose to it. In regards to Emily Dickinson’s poetry, “Beauty is not caused.. it is … let me continue it! Beauty is not caused. It is made by what we think in our mind’s perception of beauty. It will never be the cause. It is the effect of faith in ourselves, hope we promise to ourselves, courage to be ourselves, discipline we do to ourselves and goodness we have in ourselves.” THE ATTRACTIVE AND SEXY PEOPLE I kind of lost my train of thought by the sight of beautiful people. I consider these “League of Adam and Eve” as truly and certifiably attractive and sexy creatures ever live on this planet. I made this list since 2009 until 2010.. hope you like it…… THE ADAM SPECIES 1. Jensen Ackles- his great charismatic appeal can easily wow people. 2. Ben Affleck – he is a pure matinee idol because of his debonaire look. 3. Antonio Banderas – he has the knight in the shining armor personality taking us to for a Zorro spin. 4. David Beckham- let his eyes and lips do the talking plus his sporty appeal. 5. Jason Behr – he is palatable for both young and old creatures worldwide or even in other planets in his role in Roswell. 6. Orlando Bloom – his blooming personality enthroned him to be the darling buds of May. 7. Bono of U2- his iconic and sexy appeal draws people to his direction. 8. David Boreanaz – he is fast and furious like a seductive vampire making us a sucker for him. 9. Pierce Brosnan – he is the best looking Bondesque phenomenon I have ever seen. 10. Dean Cain– he sends us into orbit like the wondrously-praised “Superman.” 11. George Clooney –the first blush of youth had not fled from his face and figure, so we’ll go for him. 12. Matthew Connaughey – anyone who says he’s not attractive has a low class of handsome preference. He is a real hunk. 13. Tom Cruise – we’ll forget our blues and worries away in a moment if we’re in his arms. 14. Matt Damon- his reigning elegance and charm combined make girls go thump- thump over him. 15. Johnny Depp – there’s no denying that he is a whole lot of a giant hottie. 16. Leonardo Di Caprio – this Hollywood’s Golden Boy is definitely a real cool dude. 17. Eminem- his witty charm and naughty style makes him more handsome than ever. 18. Collin Farrell- this lovable antagonist still looks hot and sizzling even without the hair. 19. Brendan Fraser – his humorous yet sexy side of himself gives us the frills of being interested in him. 20. Richard Gere – this American Gigolo is the all-time favorite escort of every woman. 21. Mel Gibson- he has a lethal weapon of attraction. It is to be sure that he’s a man without an ugly face. 22. Josh Hartnett – he is an ultimate cutie pie creating such a stir in public. 23. Song Seung Hun- he is endearing enough to be called as the darling boy of Korea. 24. Hugh Jackman- hooray for this Aussie actor because he always has a shining moment. 25. Takeshi Kaneshiro- another Japanese beholder of handsomeness is about to make us fall for him. 26. Ashton Kutcher- there’s no need for cupid to strike an arrow in our heart, we’ll fall in love with him passionately. 27. Andy Lau- anyone who says he’s not attractive has a low class of handsome preference. 28. Jude Law- his dark shade style qualifies him to be the dashing debonaire of Tinsel town. 29. Tobey Maguire- he is the very definition of cuteness and sleek handsomeness. 30. James Marsden – that name rings a million of wedding bells… we all want to be his girl. 31. Ricky Martin – we’’ll go livin’ la vida loca for this hip- swiveling Latino star. 32. Michael Chad Murray- he’s exactly a kind of our man with ravaging punk style and sex appeal. 33. Robert Pattinson- many eyes will be glued to him because he’s a true cutie lad from Twilight Saga. 34. Ryan Philippe – all estrogen–bearing species dream him as a beau for his extra-ordinary appeal. 35. Brad Pitt – life with him is ten thousand worth living for he is drop dead gorgeous. 36. Freddie Prinze Jr. – he is everybody’s Prince charming romanticizing all of us. 37. Daniel Radcliffe- he is the Perfect Poster Boy carrying the Harry Potter mania. 38. Rain- Hollywood he is not but he is stylish, punk and darn talented. 39. Keanu Reeves – we’ll miss ½ of our lives if we don’t even know him. 40. Brandon Routh- he is super in more ways than one for his massive handsomeness. 41. Scott Speedman – he is born in the world to smitten our whole system being the Boy-Next-Door. 42. Alec Su – this head-banger Chinese will captivate women all over the world because he’s charming and praise-worthy. 43. Rob Thomas – does he rock or suck? He absolutely rocks because he is the Adorable Dreamboat. 44. Paul Walker- certainly another batch of flirting hormones tickle our system despite he is not around the corner. 45. Barry Watson – his manly appearance can take us to a different kind of world – Romantic World – that is! 46. Michael Weatherly- he reigns supreme in titillating the audience the handsome man in Dark Angel. 47. Justin Timberlake- he does not only charm us with his voice but with his easy to look at face and romantic spark. 48. Tom Welling – he stretches handsomeness’ boundary not to mention his perfectly chiseled cheekbones. 49. Robbie Williams – the way he sings and shows his torso makes him pleasurable than pleasure. 50. Vic Zhou- this Taiwanese heartthrob is a luscious Asian beauty titillating even the Caucasian girls. THE EVE SPECIES 1. Jennifer Aniston- this beauty connotes charm in fashion, style and speech. 2. Shiri Appleby- her amazing face soars as well as her unquestionable beauty chasing us to swoon over her. 3. Jessica Alba – her full lips and piercing eyes fashioned her to be the exotic beauty. 4. Tyra Banks- this femme fatale model seem spawned from Fountain of Beauty. 5. Drew Barrymore- an angelic face she will always exude being the darling of all people. 6. Kate Beckinsale- she has this picture perfect and attitude pose that’s why she’s tough and buff. 7. Halley Berry- her sun-warmed skin, adorable face and sexy body defy beauty standard. 8. Jessica Biel- she is a fever we want not to be cured. ‘Jessica’ – a fever ain’t no pain but a relaxing mood. 9. Rachel Leigh Cook – she is undeniably beautiful transferring us a positive energy of beauty and head- turning sexuality. 10. Penelope Cruz – she is the twin sister of Venus (The goddess of beauty). We can’t get enough of her. 11.Cameron Diaz- she has a crowd drawing appeal because she’s fun, pretty and lovable. 12. Hillary Duff- she is a simple beauty who connotes charm in her fashion, style and speech. 13. Eliza Dushku – she defines flammability. She’s one of the hottest gals in the planet. 14. Carmen Electra- she’s electrifying feature by feature of her face and body. 15. Megan Fox– this young star gives shiver and itch down our spine for her irresistible appeal and charm. We find true beauty in her becoming a crush potential. 16. Jennifer Garner – this dazzling soon-to-be a top caliber actress invites us to follow her around like a puppy dog because she is sought after. 17. Sarah Michelle Gellar – she’s really captivating bringing out an explosively smoochy flair and a tough buff. 18. Selma Hayek- she has a high physical fiber qualifying her to be an ambassador of beauty. 19. Jennifer Love Hewitt – her voluptuous body, alluring face and swanlike neck makes her an eye catcher lady. 20. Paris Hilton– she’s certainly the one we will lay our eyes on without blinking for she is interesting. 21. Katie Holmes – she is a pretty-rising star to take over the big screen with promising superstardom. 22. Jeun- Jee- Jhyun- We may envy her effortless beauty because there’s no need for her to put on make-up. She’s absolutely the “Sassy Girl.” 23. Scarlet Johansson- imagine a Caucasian beauty plus a million dollar sexy body and crowd-drawing aura— what we’ve got is the fire –engine Scarlet. 24. Angelina Jolie – her smash hit portrayal as “Lara Craft” has the making of a yummy and babelicious darling. 25. Catherine Zeta-Jones – this Welsh actress is the carbon copy of Helen of Troy……… a woman who launched a thousand ships. 26. Alicia Keys- her hair wrap in tiny micro braids is a fashion victory. Whoever said dark is out is a beauty flop. 27. Nicole Kidman – this Down Under fabulous actress is the Ageless Epitome of Beauty. She is blessed with star- quality looks. 28. Heidi Klum- this German export model can leave a trail of admiration because she is a globe-trottling one. 29. Keira Knightley- every time she extends those lips, a mega watt smile shines upon us. Oh! A beautiful enchantress she will always be. 30. Beyonce Knowles- the way she sways her hips and giggles her butt drives us crazy plus her oozing face and body. 31. Kristin Kreuk – we will never run out of reason admiring her because every angle is a kind of beauty trip. 32. Song Hye Kyo – she is the televised picture of feminism and beauty in Korea. We like her for being like that. 33. Avril Lavigne- her casualness and tomboyish appeal does not steal her beauty, in fact it adds up to her charm. 34. Lindsay Lohan- her cute predatory appeal qualifies her as a girl for all occasions. 35. Jennifer Lopez- she is a bonafide bombshell armed with envy–provoking vital statistics. 36. Madonna- she is a contemporary everywoman figure. We’ll vote her for the face of the century. 37. Rose Mc Gowan – she possesses a jaw-breaking beauty making us spellbound for a lifetime. 38. Alyssa Milano – she is charmingly delightful and undeniably desirable bewitching us to kiss the ground she walks on. 39. Natalie Portman – she is on the fast track to being Hollywood Pretty Girl. Her well-defined face and true wit never fail to impress us all. 40. Shui Qi- she is bestowed with a round the clock beauty without breaking a sweat. 41. Denise Richards – this brunette ethereal beauty without a doubt sweep off every man’s feet. 42. Julia Roberts – the list of “Identifiable True Beauty” wouldn’t be complete without this Fascinating Pretty Woman of Hollywood. 43. Keri Russell – her simple sophisticated appeal is an eclectic-driven womanhood. She is the definition of simplicity. 44. Winona Ryder – she has the sweetest face ever to grace on screen. How lovely is her face! 45. Julia Stiles- she is well-liked because she is young, simple and poignant. 46. Charlize Theron – she is a sexy-skilled seductress tempting us to drink into her fountain of beauty. 47. Uma Thurman – she spreads an earth-shaking charisma being the modern enchantress. 48. Vicki Zhao or Zhao Wei- – this Asian crooner is so cool without being frozen. No one could see her without being glamorized by her beauty. 49. Zhang Ziyi- she is an Asian presenters of beauty armed with porcelain gem skin and chinky eyes. 50. Reese Witherspoon- a likeable personality she exudes among us because she is a cute and hot mama.






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