anger misplaced

I have with me the competitor of God
Being good is enough; it’s time to be bad
It is the demon-substitute on earth
Revenge is my reply to heal my hurt
Anger roles my tongue and dismal face
It backfires in the blood of my human race
Tomorrow will be my red-letter day
I will get the payback and surely be gay
I will slit your throat and break you into pieces
You will suffer and there will be no forgiveness
I will never take my revenge for granted
I am only human whose kindness is limited
I know my plan is between the devil and deep blue sea
But now, I will cancel my anger because I am so busy
Just look fearfully at my eyebrows forming a sharp triangle
Suddenly, there appears a man with wings like an angel
I have a soft spot in my heart…
so forgiveness….. consider it done!
Oh! My anger….. I am actually not having fun!

i love literature

Nevertheless, there are a lot of things that you, me and us can gain from literature. LITERATURE……

W idens our imagination by taking us to new places and different situations

O ffers us the meaning of life from someone else’s eyes through fiction
and non-fiction

R enders us astonishing plots with heart-warming themes that eternally breathe to touch human spirit

L eads us to observe society from afar and lives of other people                       at other times

D eepens our understanding of history, arts and culture across
nations generations ago

L essens our pitfalls and mistakes in life through moral and spiritual lessons

I mproves our linguistic competence and encourages us to appreciate the
power of language

T ies and connects us to other studies from history to sociology to philosophy to economics or science

E ntertains us with an amazing array of characters and                                   their memorable lines

R escues us from boredom and elevates us above the mundane
and predictability of life

A rouses our curiosity, awakens our spirit and lets us in a little unknown
bit of our souls

T ests our mental processes by decoding man’s motives and values in life

U nleashes the inner artist in us by giving us profundity of thoughts and
richness of emotions

R eaches the innermost core of our hearts through a much higher
dimension truths in life

E ncourages us to understand humanity by seeing semblances of other’s traits in ourselves



Perhaps there is no cultural heritage and historical force as rich, powerful, provoking and encompassing as literature. In as much, it is enduringly-valuable to civilization which conveys thoughts and emotions necessary for the growth of an individual and nation. This introduces you to what literatures of the world is all about. It also covers literary genre and period as well as literary works turned into movies and television series.

The literary genre entails the two main divisions of literature and its sub-categories which needs careful attention to details. The literary period retells history up to contemporary period and its important features and corresponding writers. Veritably, literary devices discuss the basis for analyzing a literary piece be it prose or poetry. Literary works turned into movies and television series represent faithful reproduction of the original text executed into harmonious and insightful way. Truly so, all of those elements re-state the soul-shaking value of literature that concretizes man’s thoughts and emotions and immortalizes nation’s struggles and victories.

Literature is a term used to describe written or spoken material. Literally, it means “things made from letters” and thus, it is constituted by writings that represents language of people, culture and tradition. It is the history of the human soul which is evoked in the written works of various authors.


As a discipline, literature possesses special and distinct qualities that separate it from other studies. In order to judge or critic a literary work as a masterpiece, the following criteria should be considered:

1. Universality appeals to everyone regardless of race, sex and time that can be considered important by every reader from east to west and from young to old.
• e.g. A Thousand and One Nights, Trojan War, Iliad and Odyssey,
Romeo and Juliet
2. Permanence endures the test of time wherein it contains timeliness and timelessness. It does not face out in the page of history and still offers the beauty of language and conserves country’s legends and folktales.
• e.g. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Song of Roland, Nibelungenlied,
El Cid, Beowulf, Florante at Laura, Ibong Adarna
3. Spiritual Value elevates man’s spirituality by giving moral values and inspires him to be a better and mature individual.
• e.g. The Analects, The Prophet, The Rubaiyat, Divine Comedy,
God Sees the Truth but Waits
4. Intellectual Value stimulates critical and logical thinking through the basic truths of life and human nature.
• e.g. Don Quixote, short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Essay on Man,
Of Studies, Noli Me Tangere, El Filibusterismo
5. Suggestiveness stirs man’s emotional aspect through the literary devices used in prose and poetry.
• e.g. sonnets of Shakespeare, How Do I Love Thee, Invictus
The Road Not Taken, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
6. Artistry and Style are marked by great ways of writing styles. They pertain to aesthetics wherein they awaken the sense of beauty of anyone who reads the literary work.
• e.g. poems of Emily Dickinson and e.e. Cummings and
plays of Shakespeare

The Importance of Studying Philippine Literature
We cannot dicotomize history from literature because they are not separate from one another. Philippine literature is the reflection of history in a given point in time and both are intricately-intertwined along with each other. It gives us facts and ideas of the culture and tradition of our ancestors that we may not have known before. In effect, it helps us in historicizing texts that are products of ideological and political institutions which are shaped by social conditions. For this reason, Philippine literature renders us the rich and meaningful landscape of literary milieu that makes us proud to be part of Filipino heritage. Without further adieu, let us have a brief encounter with our own Filipino writers!

quotes and maxims

1. With the enormity of the search for ourselves, we can see the unseen, hear the unheard, touch the untouched and speak the unspoken.

2. There could never be another person except us. No one is exactly like us. We should exemplify the knowability of our matter and spirit so we can search for our authentic self.

3. The beauty of life is the one which encourages us to have it in our life. In it, order, rhythm, richness and mystery of life are somewhat actualized. It awakens our spirit and projects a little bit of our soul.

4. Believe that there is no limit we can improve the quality of our life and we can achieve greater heights.

5. Does faith bring me to go somewhere else, walk the aisle of uncertainty to discover and tempt the unknown?

6. There is pain in growth and growth in pain. Couldn’t it be that growing up is what meaning we put into it?

7. Faith is something of a mystery because it answers everything including the unanswered.

8. Life is beautiful and we should savor the moment and focus on the things we love to do.

9. There is a big NO NO in letting ourselves be swallowed up by stressors in life. We need to beat to them.

10. Being holistic, it sends signals to life itself that we are living in harmony with the body’s rhythm that our bodies are synchronized to the cycles of the moon and stars. Thereby, we are attuned with the Infinite Source of life.

11. It is said that we live in a multi-dimensional reality wherein we are living here in the moment and other aspects of of our being are simultaneously existing in other dimensions at other time.

12. One cannot bloom and flourish if one is not in the right place.

13. We should nurture life-nourishing experiences, surround ourselves of the positive vibes and auras and be moved by clear motives in our daily system.

14. We learn love because of time spent and activities shared with them as well as the sacrifices we have for one another.

15. More often than not, thinkers, scholars and philosophers have been misunderstood. As Ralph Emerson said it eloquently, great men are misunderstood.

16. Time metamorphoses us but it cannot be measured, possessed and controlled and we cannot turn back time.

17. Children have the magic, imagination and lure that older ones can’t keep them alive in their hearts. They believe in magic, nurture imagination and bring lure that make them truly happy and alive.

18. We are all interconnected and interdependent with the destiny of others so we need to help each other.


The stars climb into a sunless sky
When my fantasy never dies
Precisely 12 midnight I compose a haiku
I used to hear the echoes of déjà vu
To understand what I feel
You never will….

Riding down to the reality, weakness is my talent
The moon makes me mad with my letters unsent
I can create something out of nothing with my bare hand
I compete with myself because birth is my end

To understand what I feel
You never will….

The vision of you is my first cause which sparkles in the shadow
The soft clouds cover the sunrise and reflect a rainbow
The journey intricates a spectacular life it wants to show
The field intrudes the hurricane along the green meadow
To understand what I feel
You never will….

Do you promise the sun to rise in the west?
And tell the mediocre to do his best?
Within the miracle you keep, what is your hue?
To search for your star, I bade adieu
To understand what I feel
You never will….

I don’t ask your window-shopping stage
I don’t know your story on Shakespearean age
My whole life wonders when will you tie the knot
Down the tree, I love forever your whereabout
To understand what I feel
You never will