world literature


Asia, being one of the largest continents and having diverse population, creates a literature that is multi-faceted. It has an extensive and fascinating history that encompasses essential ingredients of an excellent masterpiece. Moreso, the stories are elaborately-interwoven whether it be told in prose or verse and whether it divided itself into scenes or chapters. The haikus of Japan and the maxims of China have purity of expression and elevated language. The influence of “The Prophet” and “The Rubaiyat” from Arabian countries never disappered. India is a place of great epic which offers fascinating stories in a highly-stylized form of drama. Literature of Asia illuminates the depth and breath of Asian people which inspire nobility of spirit to million readers.


There can be no question concerning the quality of oral and written works the African writers produce. Both prose and poetry have greatness and power to evoke fullness of emotion in the readers. African literature refers to the literature of and from Africa wherein it breathes African sentiments and struggles. It carves out a niche of its own as predominantly oral which scholars and critics coined it as “orature.” Their literature is exquisitely-written and virtually-impressive in a larger scale. Their universal theme emanates from their struggles as a nation setting us forth a distinctly African Literature. Lastly, colonial repression is the unyielding moral and ethical context of their literature.


European Literature consists literary writings in various languages such as English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, German, Italian, Greek, Russian and the like. The several writers hold the universality of expression and they cater us too convincingly-satisfying our own literary appetite. With this, their writing style is enlivened from generation to generation and there flows splendor of literary devices that connect us with the past. There is much whimsy in their narrative techniques which are sharply-etched portraits of everyday life. These writers give us assurance that fictive people are worthwhile and worth-knowing like the character of Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Jean Valjean, Faust, Dante, Don Quixote, Roland and many others. The best thing about it is that both fiction and non-fiction are all linked up with multiple lives in an intensely-perceptive and artistic characterization.


We can peruse the pages of history with so much amusement and lessons on North American Literature. Despite the influence of European Literature, the literature of North America especially the United States of America stands independently and flourishes widely without the shadow of European Literature. The stories are arranged within another and the readers can participate in the events and empathize with the characters upon reading those materials. We are moved to laugh and cry and feel the character’s emotions in its utmost essence like in the Scarlet Letter, A Rose for Emily, The Cask of Amontillado, The Killers, Oliver Twist, Huckleberry Finn and many others. The American writers enchant the readers by casting spell of their unbounded imagination over us. They inherit the true spirit of fascinating plot wherein it can get inside a character’s skin and sets us forth on their own terms.

The writers in South America develop a genuine creative novelty in their literary works. The plot and character proceed at a breathless pace and still delivers a delicate sensibility which is illuminated by its texts. Their works are engagingly-read which trace certain lines of manifold human experience and bring out spiritual side of man. Their literature is magnanimously-wealthy in tradition and culture that is built upon a substratum of tenderest characterization like Clara, Esteban, Balthazar, Eva and Antenor and many others. Endowed with mystic sensitiveness, theirs have own tale to tell with unsurpassing skill in dialogue. With this, everything is intimately connected with everything else that contains the magniloquent lingo of the South Americans.


Oceanian Literature is a story of national upheaval wherein love and devotion for the vast empty land sprang from the minds of mostly Australian writers. They achieve literary success with which they turn their love for nature and country into printed materials. In some inexplicable way, their themes seem curiously flooded with nature and its beauty as well as its history. Though diversified in form and just new in literary world, the prose and verse are wonderfully-single in inspiration. Hence, it excoriates an elegant, delicate, smooth sensitivity and a time-honored device within the bounds of literary canon.




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